Is The New Escala An Improvement Over Cadillac’s Previous Concepts? [w/Poll]

The recently unveiled Cadillac Escala is a map of things to come. Cadillac took the wraps off its latest concept at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, previewing what its designers have installed for the future.

Although Cadillac’s gracefully drawn concepts have made headlines before, they only previewed certain production elements and design cues. If you squint really hard at the current CTS model, for example, you’ll be able to find a few Elmiraj-borrowed lines, while the Ciel remains confined in the American car maker’s design archives.

Not the Escala, though, it will help the brand compete head-to-head with the German aristocrats, and take its well-earned place among the luxury giants, as reported by the Detroit Free Press.

According to Johan de Nysschen, head of Cadillac, the new concept is better proportioned and adopts horizontal light clusters in order to balance out the vertical design lines. As you may have noticed, Cadillac’s design language (over the past decade) was governed by an upward-oriented, edgy motif, beginning with the head and tail lights and ending with the grille.

The Escala’s design was created to balance out the familiar pattern used by the carmaker, and concentrate more on the width of the car. As a matter of fact, the Elmiraj and Escala share similar styles, as the latter builds upon the old philosophy by adding subtle horizontal elements.

Compared to the Elmiraj and the Ciel, the new concept also smooths out the sharp design in favor of a chiseled look – similar to that of Cadillac’s competitors.

However, some strong, clear-cut segments remain, proving that the GM-owned luxury brand hasn’t lost its distinctive appeal.

“It was time for the design to move on. We need to think where the brand is going”, says de Nysschen.

Like the Escala, the Ciel and the Elmiraj were unveiled at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, each one of the three challenging a different niche: cabriolet, coupe, and sedan. The only question remains, which one do you think looks the part?


  • pcurve

    elmiraj looks more like a cadillac. The new escala can pass as a Lincoln concept/

    • Toronado_II

      Exactly my thought !

  • Six_Tymes

    Escala looks dramatic and future forward in its design.


    • Enter Ranting

      Exactly. What’s the point of the Escala? It changes the design language of the Elmiraj and Ciel. Squinty horizontal headlights? Cadillac needs to reinvent CUE and work on interior quality. Vertical headlights are not the problem.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Cadillac and Lincoln’s press release photos are always garbage. The Escala is certainly not more beautiful than the Elmiraj or Ciel, but it isn’t as far behind as these pics would suggest, and its interior is certainly better than the other two. My only gripes are the generic cues they threw into this car, especially from the side profile. It makes this a forgettable design that you could easily mistaken for an Acura, Buick, Genesis, or BMW, but other than that, it’s a great design exercise.

  • Kash

    I like all 3 concepts quite honestly, but each in a different way. All are very Cadillac and all are very nice looking and stunning in their own rights, The Escala is also very much an evolution of the Elmiraj which was very much an evolution of the Ciel and it’s very obvious.

    The Elmiraj has the best rear, a decent profile, but the ugliest face, while the Escala has, a nice rear, the worst profile but the best face, and the Ciel has the nicest profile, an okay rear, but a terrible face.

  • TheBelltower

    They are all beautiful. Pick one and build it. Then build the other two. The hell are you waiting for? It’s only been a half century of mediocracy and excuses.

  • SgtBeavis

    It would only be an improvement over the ElMiraj if they actually put it into production.

  • That Ross Chap

    The Elmiraj is as distinct as it is beautiful to behold, and for a huge unmistakably Cadillac coupe, subtle as well. It was more refined than the more extreme Ciel, and overall, a better design. The Escala too is a fantastic looking car – it has more unified aestetic and refined look than the Ciel; but with it’s horizontal headlamps and generally more mainstream body style it just isn’t as pleasant as the Elmiraj. In saying that though, if they pulled what Lexus did with the LF-LC to any and preferably all three of these concepts and brought them to production with relatively little change, I would be immensely pleased.

  • Zandit75

    IMO The Ciel is starting to look long in the tooth. The Escada is new step forward.
    It’s just a pity they haven’t had a new wheel design idea in all that time.

  • Bob

    Cadillac Sixteen. ‘Nuff said.

  • bd

    Not an improvement as the Ciel and Elmiraj are more striking, but the Escala, while a bit more mundane is a good bit closer to a production model.

  • Bobby Ang

    Definitely the Ciel or the Elmiraj. Very unique lines, especially the one that swoop upwards from the sides. The new Escala looks very amateurish.

  • Stephen Baxter

    Granted the Escala is a design study, the front is uninspiring. The lights remind me more of a Chevy concept. The greenhouse could be A7/ what everyone else is doing. I don’t like Cadillac leaving the classic vertical tailamp. To me, the rear and 3/4 view looks more like a Acura design study. Cadillac needs to continue to evolve art&science. The CTS looks great. The CT6 is growing on me. The Elmiraj was perfect, even the 4door photochop someone did was awesome 🙂

  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

    Elmiraj is the best ever. period!

    they will never design something equal in beauty

  • dumblikeyou2

    Where’s BOB LUTZ!?!

    • Lutz? LMAO

      Thankfully gone!!! Lutz was nothing more than a glory boy who substantially lined his pockets.

      • dumblikeyou2

        That’s not what I asked.

        Again, WHERE’S BOB LUTZ!?!

  • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ

    It would be an improvement over all Cadillac concepts if they actually build it, an improvement right off the bat.

  • antbee

    Elmiraj! I had not forgotten its beauty from seeing it here before, but seeing it again, just stuns me, that Cadillac did not see fit to build this beautiful rolling piece of art.
    Given that, I do not see any reason for Cadillac not to build the Escala, since the Elmiraj is never going to happen.

  • Ray

    What no one seems to be paying any attention to is that the body of all three cars share the same basic design. This is a set of concepts that together show the next phase in Cadillac’s design language. I would argue that new direction started with the Sixteen concept.

  • Phil

    I mean considering the Escala looks basically like an “Americanized” Genesis G80 (it does people, can’t hate on Hyundai for copying and then turn a blind eye for everyone else), I still prefer the Elmiraj Coupe.

  • Merc1

    Hell NO. The Escala looks terrible next to ALL those other concepts and to make matters worse it is the only one that will make production. GM = DUMB.


    • Cobrajet

      The CT6 is sort of already the production version of the Ciel & Elmiraj, it’s just that they have no balls to make a coupe & convertible variant. The Escala atleast seems to be closer to what the production model be like, but it will be a long time until any of it will be put into production.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Is this REALLY a question?

  • Marvin Manhertz


  • roy

    Not that escala is bad, as a mater of fact it is really good but I think elmiraj represents the true essence of Cadillac

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