New Porsche Panamera’s Optional Burmester Sound System Costs As Much As A Dacia Sandero

Sprinkling the latest Porsche Panamera with an optional Burmerster high-end 3D sound system will give you a playback experience based on the best concert halls in the world.

Created by the sound specialists that have been working to provide audio systems on all Porsche model ranges ever since 2009, the optional system costs €6,747 ($7,527) in Germany, which is around €100 ($112) cheaper than an entry-level Dacia Sandero supermini in the same country, and comprises of 21 individually controlled loudspeakers.

The four woofers, seven mid-range speakers, two broadband speakers, seven tweeters and the rear subwoofer are fed by highly efficient class-D amplifiers and tweaked with “intelligent algorithms to improve sound quality“, as the automaker explains, along with the latest developments in Auro 3D processing, create the Burmester Air Motion Transformer (ATM), a technology that is offered by Porsche solely.

Positioned at the optimum location inside the 2017 Porsche Panamera, the speakers generate a total output of 1,455 watts and are capable of putting out 126 decibels, while reproducing highly realistic playback of instruments and voices. Compared to the previous sound system, power has been increased by approximately 40 percent, but the amplifiers achieve an efficiency level of over 95 percent.

To enjoy the full experience, the automaker recommends playing optimized, uncompressed and high-res music sources, by the audio system is still capable to generate a clean sound experience when playing data-reduced musical material from digital radio, MP3 files or Bluetooth streaming.


  • Alex AJ

    James May will not like this…

  • KW

    Most useless option of all time…why do you need a $7527 worth of audio system to listen to radio stations?

    • MultiKdizzle

      You know, for not radio stations.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Thanks, James May.

  • XtremWize

    Audi A8 B&o Advanced Sound System costs over 12.800€ (14.295$)

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