Honda Trademarks ZSX Nameplate, Is It For A Baby NSX?

It seems increasingly likely that a baby brother to the Honda NSX could be on the way, following confirmation that Honda trademarked ZSX with the European Union Intellectual Property Office on July 26.

While automakers trademark names all the time simply to protect them, rather than having the intention of bringing them to the market, the similarity between ZSX and NSX has certainly raised eyebrows and sent tongues wagging.

Interestingly, Honda has trademarked the name ZSX previously, albeit in the United States. That trademark however lapsed on December 10, 2012 but conceivably, may be snapped up by the Japanese company once again.

While speaking with French publication Automoto, a reported Honda engineer says that the company will launch the ZSX in concept guise at the Detroit Motor Show 2017 in January.

Apparently the car will debut as a hybrid coupe concept, utilizing the Civic Type R’s 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine coupled to two electric motors, each driving a rear wheel.

Opening Rendering Copyright Carscoops / Josh Byrnes


  • Craig

    ZSX. Hmmm… I’m not ‘feelin’ it. ‘Fedex it’? What? Nope! And is it ZEE or ZED? Nothing wrong with S-something as in ‘S2000’ or whatever the engine size might be.

    • Aquaflex

      Come on Honda just call it S2000! Also bring back the Acura Integra and call it Integra! Just do it!

      • Craig

        I absolutely agree! And I bet – with just a minor face-lift – the RLX would double in sales [which isn’t actually saying much – but it’s something!] if the NAME was changed to ‘LEGEND’. No one knows what the hell an RLX is. And even if they did – they wouldn’t go near it. AND not because the car is bad. It’s not. In fact – it’s a great car. It’s just it’s a little plain looking – with a ‘name’ that means nothing.

        • Aquaflex

          Acura needs a lot of help and bring back the old names, legend and integra would be a step in the right direction…

  • Aquaflex

    Just bring back next gen S2000 with the new Civic type R 350 HP turbo motor and call it a day! Even if it’s $40k i will buy it!

  • Kenneth

    ‘Was sounding interesting until I saw ‘hybrid.’ Here we go again. Hundreds of pounds of batteries, with additional powertrain complexity, having to be lugged around – in what should be a lightweight, pure sports car – simply doesn’t make sense (unless it’s an EV-only vehicle).

    • Aquaflex

      Yeah I just want a good stock over built Honda turbo motor that has vtec and revs to at least 7500 rpms…and has a 6 speed manual

    • Six Thousand Times


    • pureworx

      it doesnt have to have batteries, could make do with a capacitor to discharge built up electrical power maybe as a kers type thing. just saying. but as the years progress gas/petrol is only going to get more expensive and with regulations for environmental friendly emissions and making car fit a tax bracket in certain countries where the expected buys are not millionaires, these hynrids area a necessity. this is honda bringing the hybrid solutions being used by mclaren, ferrari etc to the masses at a more affordable price point.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Definitely, electric cars are the future for a lot of reasons including all of those you state. Yes, also Honda are bringing P1/LaFerrari/918 powertrains to the people. What a lot of us are saying, though is that cramming in BOTH an electric and an ICE powerplant is not what we want in a light, nimble, and inexpensive sports car. Hey, roll on the all electric roadster – we’re excited to see it but we don’t want to lug around and, more importantly, pay for, two modes of propulsion.

      • Aquaflex

        But if it’s like the new NSX I am down as long as the electric motors are used for performance to minimize turbo lag and the motor is inline and mid engine like the new NSX I am down. If it’s more like the last generation s2000 I am down for that but skill the electric motors and just drop in the civic type r 2.0 liter turbo motor and call it a day.

    • Shobin Drogan

      The batteries are there to compensate for the low torque/turbo lag that plagues Honda engines. The engineers wont throw the technology in there if it’s bad for the driving experience. Companies like McLaren, Ferrari and Porsche have invested millions to consider hybrid tech ideal for their hypercars, Honda would’ve done the same. You said you want a pure sports car experience hybrid cars have excellent throttle/engine response.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Nobody’s saying there are no advantages. Let Honda make this version for all those who want it. Just also make one for those of us who don’t like the weight, complexity, and especially, cost of stuffing two propulsion systems into one car. This is just philosophical, it’s not a right or wrong.

    • Come&TakeIt

      Thank Obama’s draconian ‘54.5MPG by 2024’ CAFE requirements for all the hybrids and tiny turbos. That POS has single-handedly destroyed cars as we know and love them. By the time the ignorant masses realize it, it will be too late. It pretty much already is too late.

      • d’Aforde

        Actually, fuel economy standards are far more stringent in the EU, which is why so many European cars are downsizing their engines and turbocharging. Our fuel economy standards allow us to keep enjoying V8s in a few cars like the Vette, Camaro, Challenger/Charger/300, and Mustang.

        • Come&TakeIt

          Buy those cars while still you can, because they won’t be around much longer. The CAFE bar keeps going every few years and goes all the way to 54.5 MPG in 2024 and there’s no way enough electric cars will be around by then no matter how much the leftists push them. The tech simply isn’t practical or cost effective. Tesla is running out of money even after getting billions of tax payer dollars. Keep in mind it takes cars companies 5 years to design and build a car so they are already designing cars for 2022. No way V8s will be around then.

    • javier

      i’m all for hybrid, if it improves acceleration, without that what’s the point

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Welp, who’s ready to wait 5 years?

  • Zed68

    The cgi pic looks pretty good (and better than the nsx). The name sounds good in french.

  • no25

    I really think Honda needs to focus on better vehicles for Acura. I mean Acura really is not at the standards of BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Audi, Jaguar, Cadillac, etc. There’s no coupes (affordable coupes not the NSX). There isn’t much performance. The interiors are still blah.

  • LeftLanePrius

    Hope they don’t use the NSX snow plow front end.

  • Angelo

    Next S2K must have not less than 450 ponies.

  • d’Aforde

    Honda/Acura needs to go back to basics (and BMW for that matter). Forget turbos and hybrids and plug-ins, especially in a sports car that slots in under the NSX. That car should have a normally aspirated V8 or V10 and a slick 7-speed manual. In other words, it should be a Japanese Vette.

    • Craig

      And cost about the same as a Corvette. As is it – only the Paris Hilton’s of the world can buy one.

  • javier

    i would go for that if it is a low 4 second car, any slower and a golf r or 4 cyl amg works better

  • lilfatty

    Or! Or! Just make a new car with the name RSX and make it not suck or look like a piece of shit like every recent acura.

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