Zotye’s $13,000 SR8 Porsche Macan Clone In Multiple Colors & Specs

Remember China’s Porsche Macan clone? Of course you do. The Zotye SR8 has now been photographed in several different colors, with some being more appropriate than others.

Naturally, you can make a case that there’s absolutely nothing “appropriate” about the SR8 since it’s clearly a Macan “wannabe” with none of the tech and the quality you’d expect from a Porsche.

That doesn’t mean a trained eye can’t tell them apart, as the SR8 is slightly less aggressive and features larger headlights and taillights that extend onto the body panels. That being said, it’s also possible that the SR8 will feature a sportier-looking version, so far identifiable by its blacked-out front grille which can be seen in the top-left corner of one of the images.

As for the interior, as we’ve seen before, it’s nothing more than a rip off – from the steering wheel to the lower center console and the clock that sits atop the dashboard – though, not all versions seem to have it.

According to Carnewschina, the SR8 will be priced from 88,800 yuan ($13,300), with the flagship version costing 99,900 yuan ($15,000). To put things into perspective, the Porsche Macan starts at 558,000 ($56,000) yuan in China.

In other words, the price of a Macan clone is more or less equal to that of a Chevrolet Spark or a Nissan Note in the US.


  • Kash

    It doesn’t look that bad actually, I mean for $13k you get a really nice looking SUV.

    • François D

      It only looks nice… Just like a Kia

      • Bash

        comparing to this, even Kia is more original!..:D

        • François D


  • Adam Coats

    I wish I could see one in person to see how bad the cost cutting is. Just curious how the surfaces on the interior and exterior look and feel. On the surface, it is a decent attempt for $13k.

    • mike

      whos to say Porsche cars or any other luxury cars are just over inflated expensive cars for what you get? I mean if Kanye West can buy a £1.89 ($2.49) T-shirt and sell it for £70 ($92.26), then Im sure many luxury manufacturers can do the same too

  • europeon

    Man, I wish I could import a clone like this into Europe. For this kind of money it would be a cool replacement for an ATV, and I could think of at least five other ways I could have fun thrashing it.

    • François D

      It is nice as long as you don’t get involved in a head-on collision… You might not like it anymore… If you are still alive.

      • europeon

        I wouldn’t use it on the road anyway, and they improved the safety standards lately. And even so, it can’t be worse than an ATV 🙂

        • François D

          I don’t trust the safety standards in China lol

  • RunningLogan

    It’s just wrong that the Chinese government allows this.

  • pcurve

    nice…. stick shift too.

  • J Hod

    no shame! talking about morals and dignity behind this.. theres none

    • Enter Ranting

      And China finances Donald Drumpf! Go figure…

  • FlameWater

    Perfectly legal to make, hope they start exporting these so competition will get better

  • MMNYC18

    Mind. Blown.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Zotye translates to; One who can’t design for himself.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    “and the clock that sits atop the dashboard – though, not all versions seem to have it.”

    That’s the optional 30 yuan SC package (Sportier Chinese). It doesn’t do anything and the clock face is a decal. But HEY you look the part while driving it!

    And in China, as long as you look the part, it’s ok to steal and lie.

  • Ronald Beach

    Is that a manual shifter in the one image? At least there’s that… Of course, it probably doesn’t work very well… And what’s with the chrome strips on the B pillars, or is that just white tape?

  • Enter Ranting

    And yet, both this and Macan are marketed to the same demographic – the shopping mall set.

  • John Smith

    Well, I see one improvement over the Macan, it’s got a manual. Right on , China!

  • Odiddy

    aint no way im driving in that….chinese people like to cut corners..lol. They straight D-Bo porsche on this #savages lol

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