2017 Kia Rio Breaks Cover Ahead Of Paris Auto Show Debut

With less than a month until the 2016 Mondial de l’Automobile opens its gates in Paris, Kia has lifted the veils off the all-new Rio.

Now in its fourth generation, the Korean supermini has more generous proportions compared to its predecessor, adding 15 mm to its length, and 5 mm to its width, while shaving off 5 mm from its height; another 10 mm have been added to the wheelbase, which now sits at 2,580 mm.

Designed by the Kia’s centers in Korea, California and Germany, the 2017 Rio carries the latest evolution of the tiger-nose grille, tweaked lighting units, a longer bonnet, thinner, more upright C-pillar, longer front overhang and shorter rear overhang.

Open the door and you will be greeted by a more modern cabin design, with a more ergonomic layout and a wider appearance thanks to the straight line that run across the width of the dashboard. The vehicle features a new infotainment system, a high-res touchscreen and a floating HMI (human-machined interface), which has allowed Kia to reduce the number of buttons on the center console. Depending on the selected grade level, cloth upholstery, artificial leather, gloss black and metallic trim can also be found inside.

Details on its safety technology, connectivity features, practicality and engine lineup will be announced on September 29, when it will shine under the spotlight at the 2016 Paris Auto Show, prior to its production start towards the end of the year for the European market.


  • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

    WOW kia made an ugly Golf

    • Evo45

      You made me laugh. How do you see it and then say “Golf look-like”? I actually like the design, it’s better than current one.

      • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

        its the best selling car in europe by a margin , some people must like how it looks, kia certainly like the golf design

        • alexxx

          people buy golfs even before they know how it will look…so… interior and most importantly,the way it drives,are the strongest cards in golfs hands,or should i say wheels… :-)))

          • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

            that was 20 years ago, but now its totally different, a segment where theres the ford focus, mazda 3, honda civic, hyundai i30, 308, fabia, astra, shall i go on??,, VW cant just depend on the Golf’s reputation to sell cars, there is fierce competition most of whom are offering better cars, like the mazda 3, good reliable cars for far much less like the i30, so i still think VW offers a good all rounder with the golf , a nice interior , exterior design – i didnt say beautiful i said nice, but thats my opinion

          • alexxx

            i agree with you almost on everything you said…but…i think the reputation is everything,nowadays more then ever…and vw is still keeping that reputation by making 7 gen of golfs and not making any major flaw…so…good work for them..
            maybe just 1 issue i have with golf and thats when a new gen is out its almost identical to the last one…but maybe its just me,i like for example megane cause every new model is a new story…

    • alexxx

      you cant make an “ugly golf”,golf is already ugly…except gti…

  • Dariush

    … current one is much better…

  • joey

    Kia seems to have gotten some excess money, not even Hyundai has replaced the Accent which seriously needs a replacement or a face lift. The design here is not really a step up from the model introduced in 2012. Who even asked for a new model anyway?

    • Hot new yorker

      Hyundai already has shown Accent replacement in China in form of Hyundai Verna witch is US version of Accent.

  • TheHake

    It’s just an i20 now…

  • Matthijs

    Looks pretty dated and a lot like the i20. What a shame, the current one looks way much better

  • klowik

    Not too bad, it’s a cheap version of VW golf .

  • Raf

    Definitely looks better. The interior even reminds me of, dare I say Audi.

  • Jorge Teixeira

    Alfa Romeo and Mercedes called. Alfa wants its Giuletta dashboard back, Mercedes their awkwardly placed tablet
    In a more serious note, the previous generation looked much better

  • NOT BAD.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    What’s with the 90’s style pop out stereo look?

  • Oumar DiAllO

    fix the window line and they’ve got a winner.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    The i20 called…

  • Six Thousand Times

    Hmmm, yeah. Looks OK. Good wheelbase to overall length. Pleasant interior. Overall, maybe a little too conservative?

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