Consumer Reports Takes All-New 2017 Mercedes E-Class For A Quick Spin

While sticking to Mercedes‘ brand values as much as possible, the new E-Class should manage to impress potential buyers, as long as they can afford it.

At least this is how the folks at Consumer Reports feel, with auto engineer Tom Mutchler warning about just how expensive one of these models can get when you start adding up all the options.

Of course, this goes for most cars that make their living in this particular segment, however the Mercedes does tend the be a little more extravagant, especially this latest generation model.

Without giving away the verdict, we will tell you that Mutchler does notice a few peculiar things about the new E-Class, things such as the visibility not being as great as it was in the W212 model. The reason for that is the car’s more rounded-out exterior styling that only leaves room for smaller windows – whereas the old car had a more boxy design and larger windows.

Whether this would be an issue for anyone is hard to say. Then again, with so many active safety features, E-Class drivers will oftentimes be warned if there’s any obstacle in their way.


  • Patrick Abbott

    The new e class is so ugly and the seating would give you a bad back…….the design team have lost it no more wow factor with this car…….mine is going next year biggest mistake ever.