Lexus UX Compact Crossover Concept Breaks Cover [w/Videos]

Lexus continued the tradition of really dramatic looking concepts at the Paris Motor Show by revealing in full the UX Concept, a compact crossover study that likely previews a future Audi Q2 rival.

Penned by the company’s ED2 design center in the South of France, the UX Concept is previewing the new direction Lexus is about to follow with its future models.

The really sharp appearance wants to combine the presence of a tough off-roader with the usability of a crossover, employing sculptural surfacing with the brand’s now-traditional huge spindle grille. Lexus calls it the ‘Inside-Out’ design approach, which offers a strong synergy between the exterior and the interior of the car.

The company opted for a four-seat setup in the cabin which is divided into two distinct sections: the front part of the interior represents a sporty, driver-focused atmosphere while the rear is the comfort zone, employing a ‘welcoming, soft-lounge sofa’ which wraps around into the rear suicide doors.

Lexus even added fins made out of polycarbonate to the thin aluminum A-pillars to give them a see-through ambience, blurring the boundaries between the inside and outside. Front seating is dealt from a pair of Kinetic Seats, a concept that was announced a few days ago.

The instrumentation on the dashboard gives a highly three-dimensional feel. The central infotainment screen is mounted further up the dashboard while climate controls are closer to the driver to make the cabin feel larger.

The driver’s instrument binnacle houses a floating transparent globe, just like a hologram does, and combines analogue and digital information. All switchgear is electrostatic and housed under transparent covers, with the front passenger getting a separate track-pad control unit built into the door’s armrest panel.

Lexus didn’t reveal what kind of powertrain is hiding under the UC Concept’s dramatic skin but what we do know is that the company is going to bring it to production as a replacement of the CT 200h hatch in the coming years.

What do you think? Is Lexus on the right path?



  • John Bradley

    Seems to be no limit on just how ugly SUVs can be. This one needs a public health warning. Small children will run from it screaming in the streets.

    Won’t stop Lexus building it though.

  • Mind Synthetic

    you know what, i like it. must be crazy…

    • TheHake


    • Nordschleife

      I do too. I like more polarizing design. I just like it period.

    • Eddie Williams

      You like the intro music…

      • Mind Synthetic

        it works as intended

  • R1S0

    this looks crazy 😀
    and its crazy that i like it 😛

  • klowik

    the lines look too messy..

  • fabri99

    Well I stared at it for quite a while before realizing that was the actual car. I thought the picture hadn’t fully loaded yet, but no. The rear end really is spiky as a bunch of pixels. I like original design, but this is…cutting-edge. Literally.

  • Gerald Michael

    UX obviously stands for “Ugly Xtreme”.

  • Joel Serpico

    I would say: another japanese suv concept. Too many lines going nowhere

  • p00pman

    Good god, Lexus… have you no restraint? Or actual employees that went to school for design? Looks like somebody was just playing around with 3d software… push, pull, curve, crease, blocky, smooth, aaand done.

    • p00pman

      I will say i like the color combo though

  • Enter Ranting

    Absolutely terrible on every count. Why is Lexus wasting time and resources designing a hideous SUV for 15 year old boys?

    • Astonman

      Keep in mind that when the NX concept came out, responses were similar to yours. The NX is one of their top sellers right now. I love the profile of the car. There’s too much going on on rear shoulders when it is viewed from an angle however.

  • KidRed

    Uh, no.

  • Tumbi Mtika
  • Tumbi Mtika
  • Kash

    I like it because it’s exactly what I want out of a concept, something overly extreme and something that you look at and go “there’s no possible way they could build that” only to have them turn around and build it retaining 90% of it’s concept design. Plus the rims look really cool and wouldn’t mind them on something more like the LX or even new RX.

  • Astonman

    What I don’t like about the seats is that it’ll do a horrible job of muffling a fart.


  • Marc Leslie Kagan

    I looks like a birth canal a baby is coming out of it xxxx any minute – That suv monstrosity is forever burned in my brain. some people will buy anything. Like Lemmings to the cliff.

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