Stefano Domenicalli Doesn’t Rule Out Lamborghini Sedan

There’s still a chance Lamborghini could create a modern-day four-door sedan, after Stefano Domenicalli’s failure to rule out such a model during an interview with Car Advice.

The marque famously created the stunning Estoque concept in 2008 and despite initially being approved for production, the project was ultimately dropped in favor of the upcoming Urus SUV.

However, Lamborghini is remaining open to the possibility of a sedan if the market demands it and if it is deemed necessary to make the company more profitable.

According to Domenicalli, “You know that four seats was part of our history. We need to be humble, we need to not be a step ahead of our legs. We need to do the best we can to make sure the Urus is there.

I think that I’m not here to say yes or no, it would be wrong to say yes or no. We need to be open to make the right decision. It’s a rolling process that we need to take to be ready with the right decision at the right moment. Now, we are, from a financial point of view, where we are profitable – but where will we be in the next couple of years?” he said.

Considering the demand for high-performance SUVs, it’s no surprise that Lamborghini opted for the Urus over the Estoque. But in the coming years, demand for fast and luxurious sedans may rise again, especially considering the impending launches of cars like Audi’s and Porsche’s all-electric sedans.