Ferrari Shoots Down Any Possibility Of Bringing Back The Manual Gearbox

While some automakers, like Porsche and Ford, are persisting with manual tranmissions for their performance models, Ferrari says that it won’t bring back traditional stick shifts.

While speaking with Motoring at the Paris Auto Show, Ferrari’s chief technology officer, Michael Hugo Leiters, confirmed that the firm will persist with its dual-clutch transmissions for performance reasons.

“Ferrari is design, performance and state of the art technologies. There’s no manual transmission that can beat this performance and therefore we have decided to stay on the double-clutch gearbox,” Leiters said.

The final Ferrari model available with a manual transmission was the first-generation California but fewer than five examples worldwide were ordered with such a gearbox. One such unit resides at Ferrari’s museum in Maranello.

Of course, Ferrari isn’t the only high-profile performance carmaker to kill off the manual. Lamborghini did the same with the introduction of the Huracan and, prior to the launch of the 911 R, so did Porsche with its GT models.


  • MmmPorsche

    Yes, while technically true, no manual will match the performance of DC transmissions, the feel of a manual clutch and shifter cannot be replicated. Sometimes you have to take a performance hit in order to get that full driving satisfaction feel.

    • Vassilis

      Thing is, with how fast the Ferraris are, they need a flappy paddle gearbox.

  • Blade t

    They should totally have a model with a manual

    • Status

      Nobody wants to go slow in a fast car.

      • Blade t

        Sometimes it about having fun ,not how fast your tranny can shift

      • BGM

        Sure, because most people that buy high performance cars drive them on the edge all the time, going balls to the wall at 175mph. Give me a manual box and an open road, some heel and toe and that will be more rewarding than a computer controlled shifter that changes gears in 10 microseconds.

  • Aquaflex

    No way any of the new Ferrari’s would work with a manual transmission. It would be too slow. The dual clutch is way faster if done right…that’s why the 911r is way slower than the 911 GT3 RS…but Porsche can get away with doing a manual transmission because they make a great one…

    • BGM

      That mentality is the reason why cars nowadays have 600+ bhp, because it’s all about upstaging the competition. Either one of those two Porsches you mention will see their top speed and maneuvering capabilities about 1% of the time. The rest they’ll just be cruising along or maybe at 100mph which both can do easily. In any case a more involved driver experience, the mesh between driver and car and testing your driving abilities, will be better with a manual box.

      • TheHake

        Porsche is made in Germany, where driving 100mph causes traffic jams. 😉

      • Aquaflex

        Don’t get me wrong I love manual that’s why I only drive manual, but I know when I get my super car it will be dual clutch. Most of those people buying the new rare manual porches (911r, GT4) are buying them for resale value…the PDK is still the better transmission….but I would still get the manual if it were an option.

        But in a Ferrari, lambo or McLaren, dual clutch is the only way to go….a manual would just not work in these cars…I would just not feel right…

  • If they had a light track car below 488, a modern day Dino, a manual would make sense, but with their current line-up this is a rational decision.

    • TheHake

      I agree. And somehow I think that is coming.

  • mp412c

    Sure why not? Make the car drive itself also since it will be even faster than any of us can drive it. Who wants to drive anyway?

  • smartacus

    here is a thought:

    if Ferrari only had manuals and zero flappy-paddles;
    Ferrari accidents would be unheard of
    since people with money can’t drive them

    (and insurance rates for a Ferrari would be almost normal)

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