Nissan Note To Be Axed In Europe

Nissan has revealed that the Note minivan will get the axe in Europe next spring.

While speaking with Automotive News Europe, Nissan Europe’s head of sales and marketing, Guillaume Cartier, said that it was distracting to buyers for Nissan to have three vehicles in the small-car sector. Now, the all-new Micra will fill the gap left behind by the Note.

“I use the image of the casino. If I bet on many squares I never win a lot. Now I’m betting on one square,” Cartier said.

The Note is currently produced at the automaker’s factory in Sunderland, England but next spring, production will cease.

Beyond being one too many small cars for the brand, Nissan will kill the Note due to dwindling demand for subcompact minivans. According to Cartier, sales in the segment have fallen from a peak of 1.1 million units annually to around 600,000.

What’s more, the Note is also the lowest-selling of all Nissan’s mainstream models and in the first eight months of the year, just 24,800 examples were sold.


  • Christian

    So the facelift version with Hybrid not gonna be a part of europe? Well..

  • Jason Miller


    • Matthijs

      No its a compact MPV, as we call it in Europe. Usually based on a car from the B-segment/Compact class

      • Kenneth

        So the Honda Jazz (/Fit) is also considered an MPV in Europe, rather than a hatchback car?

        • Matthijs

          People see it more as a compact MPV but officially its considered a hatchback in Europe as in Japan. I have to admit there is a bit of a grey area with cars that are/were higher than normal hatchbacks like the boxy Mazda2/Demio generation. In case of the Jazz/Fit; there is no ‘normal’ hatchback variant, when the Note is obviously a more practical car based on a hatchback

          • emjayay

            The Versa Note and the Honda Fit/Jazz are about as direct competitors as there are. The Note is not remotely an MPV or minivan. They are both low priced egg shaped space efficient four door hatchbacks.

            I am surprised that other similarly sized Nissan cars sell more than the Note in Europe. It would seem like the perfect Euro car.

          • Matthijs

   “The Nissan Note is a mini multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) produced by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan since 2004.” 😉

  • Archknight77

    So does this mean the US will get an enlarged Micra as it’s replacement for the Note? It seems to sale well here and Nissan could really use any remodel it can get right now to liven up it’s lineup.

    • Matthijs

      It’s a replacement for the Note in Europe, due to poor sales. It doesn’t say anything over the US

  • TheBelltower

    I was at the Enterprise counter, renting something for a five-day vacation. She said… “We have a Nissan Note for you, or a Wrangler for $10 more per day” I was all like “WTF is a Note?” When I saw it, we all started laughing. And we went with the Jeep. Who buys this crap?

    • Matthijs

      Quite a lot of space for a good price while it drives pretty good. How do you know its crap while you havent driven it?

      • TheBelltower

        It may drive great. I never got that far after I went and looked at it, then I saw the Jeep parked next to it. For a vacation, the Note would not have been nearly as fun as the Jeep. Perhaps as a city car, the Note would be better.

        • emjayay

          I guess getting a quieter, more comfortable, better riding and handling and far more economical car is not an important consideration for some people. Were you going off-roading or something? Was the Wrangler a roofless model? Did the Versa have a sunroof? Is having fun about projecting a certain rugged cowboy image for you?

          • TheBelltower

            Wow, okay then Mr. passive aggressive. The Note did not have a sunroof or any apparent bells and whistles. The four-door Jeep had a soft top, and the front folded back like a large sunroof. As for a “cowboy image,” I wouldn’t describe it that way. But yep, I was into it. And yes, I do care how a car drives and how it looks. The Wrangler looks fun and was a blast to drive for the few days i had it, while the Note looks like a sub-prime penalty box that I was happy to leave for someone else to rent.

  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    No wonder ! the style of it is awful! i dont know what Nissan was thinking with this version of the Note ! just like the micra Mk4! THANK GOD THE Micra mK5 is alot better!

  • Tumbi Mtika

    It’s cute. But I hate it for some reason…

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