Porsche Panamera Coupe Looks The Part, Probably Won’t Happen

It’s already been confirmed that the Panamera family will swell with the introduction of a Sport Turismo variant, and a third body style could be on the cards.

Some sources suggest that executives in Stuttgart are mulling the possibility of introducing a coupe, which with or without the 928 name would serve as a spiritual successor to Porsche’s grand tourer. These reports were given some credence in late June when spy shots of a reported Panamera coupe surfaced online.

Since then, it has been claimed that while a Panamera coupe was an idea within the company, recently-spied prototypes were simply test beds for the new twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 from Bentley, set to power the next-generation Continental GT.

Whatever the case may be, the crisp styling of the new Panamera lends itself quite well to a coupe, as shown by these renderings from Theophilus Chin. The question is, qill a Panamera coupe ever happen? We’ll have to wait and see – but, we wouldn’t bet on it.


  • Honda NSX-R

    Wow, that’s stunning. But that might take sales away from the 911 wouldn’t it?

    • Kash

      Depends on how big they made it. Make it larger than the 911, say S-class size, and it’d be fine, but then they’d have to worry about it stealing sales from Bentley.

      • SgtBeavis

        You’re exactly correct. Just make sure this one has a usable back seat and 911 sales will be fine. But for me, I’m seriously thinking of trading my Cayenne in for a Turismo in a few years.

        • Kash

          Oh the Turismo is gonna replace my S90 the minute they land. It’s gonna be my daily.

      • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ

        What if they distinguish it by powertrain? I wonder if there’s a way to adapt a milder version of the 918 Hybrid powertrain into this.

        • Kash

          Assuming they built this they’d logically use the same V6 and V8’s from the sedan, only makes sense to unless they decided to use the flat 6’s from the 911 but mounted up front, which is what I’d do because it’d be fun. It’d probably get the same performance hybrid system the Panamera will adopt from the 918 as well.

          Bentley probably won’t go smaller than the new 4.0L V8 for a few more years so no worries there, but you’re still crossing swords with things like the V8 Conti’s, especially with perspective younger buyers and even older ones at the price. A Panamera Turbo S starts at 180k, 928 Turbo S would be priced above that. A 928 Turbo Hybrid would easily find itself right between the W12 and Speed versions of the Conti while offering better performance than the Speed.

          Then when Bentley gets around to building that smaller coupe Porsche would really start stepping on Bentley’s toes and I don’t think Bentley is going to give up on the smaller coupe.

          Quite honestly the front engine Porsche coupe is gonna stay dead for a while unless they decide to go after Ferrari and GTC4 with a 2 door version of the Sport Turismo, but that’s for another conversation.

  • AstonMartin

    Build it!

  • fabri99

    I think Bentley needs to cover that. Right now, they don’t have a
    youthful and fresh image. They just sell big sedans to old golf players
    from Pebble Beach. This Panamera coupè could be sensibly cheaper than a
    Bentley Coupè, but I’d rather Porsche brought back a front engined 928
    to cover that. Focus on the Sport Turismo Shooting Brake thing instead.

    • Kash

      I think this would basically become the Panamera 928 and be that spiritual successor to the 928 using a mix of V6 and V8’s and maybe even that performance hybrid setup they’re gonna slap in the sedan. But again, you have Bentley trying to revive their image as youthful with things like the V8’s they’re slapping into the Conti’s. It’d also depend on how the tuned everything. For this to exist Bentley would need to revert to the comfort cruiser image they’re trying to get away from and let Porsche attract younger buyers with performance and sport in this segment.

      then there’s the smaller car Bentley wants to build based on the EXP6 as well which really makes this a tight squeeze for things to fit into VWG’s lineup.

      • Ryan Kennedy

        Totally agree. first thing that came to me was the idea of a proper Porsche 911 2+2. Never the biggest fan of the Panamera but understood its place in the market. Honestly would love to bring it back to the old days. Either call this rendering a Porsche 912 or a 911 2+2 with the full seat in the back. and hopefully jaguar gets on board and does the same thing with the F-type. Enough with these land yachts already.


    • It looks like that of a C-Class coupe.


  • Nordschleife

    Looks nice but I hopefully feel Porsche will do more to differentiate it from the Panamara.

  • Stephen Baxter

    Funny looking, like a bloated front engine 911 🙁

  • Elmediterraneo

    Bentley has a better product for this market and the common MSB platform could easily give to Continental the Panamera’s V8.

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