Steve Ogg Brings GTA V To Life

If the real world was governed by the same laws as Grand Theft Auto V Online, you wouldn’t stand a chance. Unless, Trevor would walk you through the tutorial.

Nowadays, a set of VR glasses will make your gaming experience very immersive; borderline real even. But what if the most advanced “VR set you ordered pushed things to the next level?

That’s is exactly what happened in this short film, made by the extremely talented team from Corridor. Even Steve Ogg – the guy who plays Trevor in GTA 5 – join in the fun, making the story more dynamic and filled with inside jokes from the video game.

The whole production was done in one week, with most of the video footage being shot in a day and a half. The result is more than 7 minutes of action packed GTA V Online chaos that makes the Matrix universe feel restraint.

You can watch the action in the video down below, but be aware that it contains NSFW language.


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