BMW Coupe Scooped: Is It The New 6-Series Or 8-Series?

We’ve been hearing about BMW going after the Porsche 911 for ages, but Munich simply refused to do so. Now, they might finally (finally!) be onto it – but that’s a definite maybe…

It’s no secret that a new coupe is heading our way. The question is whether the test mule snapped here is actually the new 6-Series Coupe, as the source who provided the images claims, or the reborn 8-Series that almost all other reports claim the new model will be named.

If it’s the 6-Series replacement, then it follows that the 911 fighter is, once again, off the cards, for this is clearly a GT. Wider and lower and with a more slopping roofline than the current 6 Coupe, but most definitely still a grand tourer.

If, on the other hand, it is in fact the all-new 8-Series, which will go head to head with the Merc S-Class Coupe, then that leaves a gap in the line-up for a smaller, sportier coupe that would, logically, be labelled the 6-Series.

Factor in the upcoming Z5 that’s been co-developed with Toyota and will spawn the new Supra as well, and the waters get even murkier. Anyhow, if we had to guess, then we’d say that a.) this is more likely than not the 8-Series and, b.) the 6-Series moniker won’t go away; not with a Grand Coupe also in the range. We’ll just have to wait and see what the powers-that-be in BMW have in store for us now, won’t we?

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

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  • Kash

    From the front I’d say 6 series because it looks like the current one but with some updating to the styling.

    • TheHake

      I also think it’s a 6-series.

  • MultiKdizzle

    Isn’t the 6 Series being killed off?

  • Andrewthecarguy

    Definitely a 6 Series. Glad to see they took our advice and reduced the overall size to make it more of a direct competitor to the E Class coupe and others, but most importantly, to make size-room for the 8 Series, which will be just a bit bigger than the current 6 Series and square nicely against the S Class coupe.
    911 competitor is simply not going to happen, unless the new M6 is super light, has AWD and can handle like the Porsche.

  • lapirk

    its the upcoming m850GTdxdriveLWB

  • Dennis James

    Either way the overall shape looks great.

  • U8INIT

    This is why Benz stay winning…this looks just down right old…