Ford Suspends Focus, C-Max Hybrid Production In Michigan Over Poor Demand

With sales of the Focus and C-Max Hybrid on the decline, Ford has decided to idle their production for two weeks at the Wayne, Michigan plant, by the end of the year, to adjust supply with demand, according to Autonews.

The Blue Oval’s latest move follows the suspension of production of a series of other models for the same reason, including  the Mustang, the Kansas City-made F-150, the Lousville plant’s Escape and Lincoln MKC, and the Mexican-assembled Fiesta, Fusion and MKZ.

Additionally, the brand’s CFO, Bob Shanks, revealed that one of the three shifts at the Kansas City Assembly Plant, where the F-150 is put together, is being dropped this week, so that the Blue Oval can manage the inventory.

Initial data shows that suspending production of the aforementioned cars affects approximately 13,000 employees, out of which some 9,000 are in the United States. Ford, though, plans to compensate those whose work experience in the field exceeds one year by paying roughly 80 percent of their normal paychecks. In Mexico, on the other hand, it’s unknown whether the company’s workers will receive their salaries during the production halt.


  • emjayay

    Ford dealers around here (NYC area) either don’t have any C-Max’s at all or have a new 2015 or two and a several Energi (plug in) models – in an area where many people park on the street. Compared to a normal C-Max sold in Europe, the hybrid has a raised floor in back and no spare tire in order to make room for the batteries, and the Energi has an even higher floor. I’m surprised they didn’t stop making any new ones a year ago. A lot of them are cabs in Manhattan though.

    In Europe Ford sells a normal C-Max and now a long wheelbase version with a sliding door. A mini minivan. I know everyone in the US must now drive some sort of SUV with giant wheels, but the stretch C-Max might be worth a try. Probably sell more than the hybrid anyway (except for those taxis).

    • TheHake

      The Grand C-Max (with the sliding doors) has been sold since the beginning of this generation (thus since 2010). It’s a MUCH nicer and more practical option than the ‘normal’ C-Max. Strangely enough, we don’t get the Grand C-Max as a hybrid.

  • Ford knows

    Euro Fords and “identical” US Fords are not the same…! There is some quality difference. eg. Drive a Euro–Focus then drive a rental US Focus and… the US Focus is not as good. But Ford knows – and serves them right if they have to suspend production!