NASCAR V8-Powered Nissan 370Z Drifter Is Among SEMA’s Wildest Builds

As it turns out, Ryan Tuerck’s Ferrari-powered Toyota 86 drift car isn’t the only engine-swapped drifter currently turning heads at SEMA as parked outside is a rather special Nissan 370Z.

Detailed in the video below by the gentlemen at Car Throttle, this 370Z no longer has a V6 engine and is instead powered by a NASCAR-sourced V8. As it stands, it pumps out just over 600 hp but once the owner’s planned upgrades are finalized, will churn out 850 hp, making it even better at destroying its rear tires.

Of course, one can’t simply add a NASCAR engine without a host of other modifications. In this case, the Japanese sports car includes a widebody kit from Rocket Bunny, upgrades brakes, aftermarket wheels, different suspension and a totally bespoke interior with racing seats, a Sparco steering wheel and a hydraulic handbrake.

Although building this 370Z wouldn’t have been cheap, compared to Daigo Saito’s Murcielago drifter, its a performance bargain.