2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS/CLE Convoy Spotted In Germany

While this isn’t the all-new CLS’ first appearance on video, it’s actually the first time we get to see a small convoy driving through traffic.

In terms of camouflage, we don’t get to see anything new as the cars are covered in vinyl from head to toe. Well, almost, since the roof is left undisguised.

Around the 57-second mark we do see one of the cars featuring what seems to be a different LED pattern for the headlights, though it could just as easily be nothing (different headlight settings/configurations).

Other than that, the body cladding is still on the heavy side and the only assumption we feel comfortable making would be the one about the taillights resembling those on the rest of Mercedes‘ Coupe range, with a slim, horizontal design.

A new in-line six-cylinder engine from the facelifted S-Class will replace the current V6 unit in the CLS, and we’ll likely get some sort of hybrid of electric model at one point, but that’s pretty much all we know or can assume at this point.

In terms of tech, the all-new CLS (which might be renamed the CLE) will share the same MRA platform with the current E-Class and feature both rear- and all-wheel drive configurations. It’s also likely to receive semi-autonomous driving features from the E-Class, but since what we’re seeing here is a CLS prototype, there’s still time for Mercedes to install some new technologies on it.