Forget The RS7, All You Need Is This Widebody Audi S7

To the uninitiated, the Audi RS7 is nothing special. It looks like a big German sedan with a loud exhaust. However, to petrol heads like us, the RS7 cannot be ignored for it’s one of the most fastest sedans on the market.

Powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8, the Audi RS7 can hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in under 4 seconds courtesy of 597 hp and an all-wheel drive system. Despite its potency, one tuning company recently set about making an S7 even more extreme than its RS-badged sibling.

M&D Exclusive Cardesign started with a 2013 S7 which ordinarily delivers 414 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque from its 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. Thanks to a host of upgrades however, M&D have managed to extract a huge 690 hp and 701 lb-ft. Among the modifications are new turbochargers, an upgraded air intake, high-flow catalytic converters, a custom ECU tune and large downpipes.

Beyond the mechanical modifications, M&D has also customized the S7’s design by installing Prior Design’s PD700R widebody kit. The kit includes a custom front bumper, flared wheel arches, a front lip spoiler and a bespoke rear diffuser.

Additionally, the S7 has been adorned with a white, red and grey foil wrap and a set of aftermarket 21-inch matte black wheels.


  • Kash

    I’ve never understood why companies like this start with the S7 instead of the RS7, like imagine what kinda power you could pull from the RS7, it makes 605 from the factory.

    P.s. the RS7 makes either 560hp or 605hp, so I’m not sure where you got 597hp from…

    • europeon

      They replaced half the engine, so why pay extra for parts they got rid of anyway?

    • Kaisuke971

      The RS6 makes 560PS and the RS6 Performance 605PS which translates to 552 and 597hp respectively.

      • Kash

        So someone’s screwed up because Audi’s website says 560/605hp and not ps. Now I’m curious to know which is actually is.

        • Kaisuke971

          They didn’t screw up, both Audi you and me are right. Or well, kinda. PS is a direct translation for hp but what they’re calling “hp” here is actually bhp ( i guess the writer is american). So it’s 605PS/hp and 597bhp/ american hp.

  • carsmofo

    it looks so much better without that hideous wrap.