Mercedes-Benz E-Truck Is A Design Study From The Future

If you’ve never thought about how a purely utilitarian yet futuristic truck might look like, this hypothetical E-truck concept should shine a bright spotlight on the matter.

Drawn up by Francisco Calado, this E-truck is supposed to be a “well-planned compressed liquids transporter” that’s also the most efficient and fastest truck on the planet.

Theoretically, it would be powered by 10 cylindrical batteries, which means that it’s fully electric. According to its designer, it can also reach very high speeds thanks to its low drag coefficient and is also very effective against side winds.

Inside, it features a dual compartment cabin and, since it’s built for long journeys, also includes a bathroom and a separate room so you can rest up. Overall, by the looks of it, we’re dealing with a pretty large vehicle. In fact, it might be taller than most trucks today. Also, if you’re wondering how on earth you get inside the cabin, since there are no side doors, the answer is through that compartment up front.



    • Finkployd

      Yeah the bidet is a special request from ironman

    • Ilbirs

      It’s a thing made possible in an Euro-rules COE design when electrified and built without using the construction parameters an internal combustion truck must follow when going by a so restrictive book of rules.

  • ME

    This designer is a pure genious who modernized early 20th C German industrial design. The trailer’s oval shape resembles that of the German zeppelin: a marvel breakthrough of design and technology of the late 1920’s. The tractor also has retro appeal of that of WWI Germany.

    • Bash

      also what does a rock and iron man have in common…?
      the Mercedes Benz E-truck.

    • Cobrajet

      It looks like the GM Futureliner.

      • Bash

        yeah, you are right, from the front.. good catch

      • Six_Tymes

        oh shiz, YOUR RIGHT. I knew I saw something familiar. so who was fist, the so called designer from the 20’s that the above post by ME suggests or the GM designer from the same era?

        • Bash

          I did some research on that, and clearly the German zeppelin came first – as a shape- BUT I would never compare a vehicle to a blimp/zeppelin (both are different btw)… so logically, GM is first. imo

  • AnklaX

    Right, were going to eliminate poverty and have unlimited resources and fix all of the earth’s roads and suspension travel will become a thing of the past.

  • Bash

    so on crash.. the first thing to be damaged is the front sliding door.. so the driver is trapped inside, I say keep it on the sides.. or on the back for a more clean (one piece) all around frontal.

    • Ilbirs

      Maybe an explosive door like the ones found in the SLS AMG gullwing doors is the answer.

      • Bash

        I like the sound of that…

  • europeon

    Oh boy, from an engineering point of view this is so wrong I don’t even know where to start. And that Ironman drawing…
    The most amazing thing is that, looking over this guy’s resume, he seem to have graduated a design school of sorts.

  • I love the design!

  • MIL1234

    is it hauling gas or diesel ?

    • Bash

      😀 good one

  • HommeStar

    This is quite a brilliant concept. Operative word = concept. Reading comprehension 101. So many forward-thinking innovations which would inspire all sorts of R&D for possible interpretation to reality. Any designer whom achieves such a feat and to then execute it this well is a real and pure talent. To think he’d redesign a tanker of all things but to such great affect. The point of entry is well-conceived. As one comment remarked in the event of a compromised hatch due to frontal impact, I would say that it’s not inconceivable that an alternate point emergency egress could be worked into the design. The design/ space planning allows for it. Either way, the collaborative nature of real world production would resolve that. The Zeppelin-style tank is an object of beauty. I like the rear tire bogie and the manner in which the forward tank wheel slots in. (That would certainly take some engineering to perfect but an innovation nonetheless). The seating position, the lavatory – equipped with medical, and the rest accommodations et al. Great process sketches/ renderings. The overall design is very Mercedes. I could go on and on about this.

  • Ilbirs

    As we’re talking about how would it be an electric truck, the designer went the right path when considering he could do something from zero and without using parameters from ICE cars that make sense there due to packaging reasons that aren’t a concern when the propulsion is electric. It’s more or less like what Models S and X from Tesla are when compared to a Nissan Leaf.
    As an electric truck wouldn’t have an engine usually in an inline configuration protuding upward and robbing some space in a COE design, that space not taken by mechanicals could be reverted into more room for a truck made by European standards, in which the maximum length is from the combination semi and trailer instead of just the trailer as it’s in North America. This thing practically dictates that the semi must have a COE design with a minuscule sleeper nowhere near those huge standard sleepers we see in the American approach of the thing, that allows a conventional design with a lot of cabin after the B pillar, as we can see by comparing the Volvo FM to its U.S. sibling VNL:

    As American designers are freer to go way further beyond B pillar than in Europe, the VNL benefits from the flat floor and no need to have a certain length for the semi that doesn’t affect cargo area. The FM, the top worldwide truck available from the Swedish brand, is way more cramped than the VNL, as can be seen by the seats buried aside the engine and a tiny bed that can’t double itself as dining table when not in use. The refrigerator of the VNL is also way bigger than the smaller one under the bed of the FH, just to say some things that restrict a roomier Euro-rules truck. One of the challenges Euro manufacturers face is how to make a roomier truck when the rules almost force you to make this kind of interior. Kamaz, with its 2020 concept cabin, is trying to make the closest thing possible to a super-sleeper seen in an American semi:

    Some Euro manufacturers achieved a flat floor in a COE design, but at the cost of raising the cabin and the center of gravity with it, as Scania did with its new S spec:

    But still a cramped thing when compared to a current American truck:

    As the designer of the E-Truck proposed something new from the ground and not derived from another COE powered by a combustion engine, took advantage of how much space can be freed in a Euro-rules trucks and reverted this to a better interior with more amenities than the ones possible to an average semi of that part of the world:

    As the truck doesn’t follow ICE truck parameters, its frame can be different from a conventional ladder one and allowing another shape for the batteries. As the motors are on the wheels, the center section isn’t occupied by the mechanical organs we see in a conventional semi, both by American or Euro rules:–dTi39wCLcB/s1600/merc-etruck-concept-render-8.jpg

    When talking about people worried by the front sliding door instead of two on the side, maybe the designer thought about this door being opened by an explosive in case of a collision, like what can be seen in the discontinued SLS AMG and its gullwing doors:

    So, as can be noticed, Francisco Calado pushed further the possibilities for an all-electric truck and some good things allowed by the way it can be built.

  • BlackPegasus

    It would scare children.

  • Big Black Duck

    i dont get it…why didn’t they put spherical tires on these things…it would be more practical..

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Is this more Optimus Prime or Megatron?

  • TheHake

    I want my petrol to be delivered in THIS!

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