Mercedes G-Class Production Hits 20,000 Units In One Year For The First Time

There may be a new generation of the rugged off-roader in the pipeline, but the current Mercedes-Benz G-Class remains popular with consumers.

In fact, for the first time the G-Wagen’s annual production has reached the 20,000 mark, with the milestone vehicle being a white G63, which has just rolled off the assembly line in Graz, Austria.

The production of 20,000 G-Classes in one year confirms the high demand for the G and likewise the quality of our vehicles, something that is highly appreciated by our customers. I am very pleased and also proud that some of our employees have been on board since production started around 37 years ago“, said the head of the off-road product group at Mercedes-Benz, Gunnar Guthenke.

Produced by Magna Steyr since 1979, the brand’s iconic SUV will soon be replaced by a new generation, which will not only ride on an entirely new platform, but it will also be wider and lighter. It will benefit from a fresh suspension and will feature the latest technology in the field while retaining the boxy design that makes it instantly recognizable. As for its unveil date, it has yet to be confirmed, but reports have called for a possible 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show launch.


  • Six_Tymes

    i suppose the new refined model paid off

  • Zimoune

    I wonder what is the percentage of AMG version sold compared to the normal one and how many of them are sold to tuners like brabus

  • Dennis James

    I can see the appeal. These cars still have compact dimensions and yet are very capable on and off-road. Unlike the other 7-seat huge buses that Mercedes builds.

  • Perfect i wish they reach 40 years !!!

    • Carmaker1

      That will NEVER happen as the current model is only 26-27 years old, being introduced in 1990. The W460 and W463 are not the same vehicle. Nor will the new W464 be.