Rented Ferrari 458 Italia Crashes At Chinese Wedding

In April this year, a Ferrari 458 Spider was wrecked in the UK after being crashed by a groom with his bride onboard. Well another lucky couple, or not so lucky perhaps, were recently involved in an eerily similar crash in China.

Car News China reports that the white 458 Italia was rented for the local wedding, just as the Spider was in the British crash.

Although the exact cause of the incident isn’t known, pictures reveal that the Italian supercar collided with a yellow Volkswagen Polo Mk4, damaging much of the supermini’s front end and wrecking the driver’s side of the 458.

Despite what appears to be a rather significant impact between the cars, no injuries are being reported.

What a great way to impress you bride…


  • It crashed itself? wow! #mindblown

  • Kash

    i guess Ferrari’s don’t like being rented for weddings

  • Akira

    From what we see the 458 was t-boned from the left… So maybe they didn’t do anything wrong.

  • smartacus


  • Matthew Torchiana

    Now I’m just guessing, that the groom was blinded by the steering wheel. LOL

  • TheBelltower

    It’s so cheesy to rent Ferraris and Lamborghinis for weddings.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Just hitched!!!

    to a tow truck.

  • Romanovich

    drunk guests, one Ferrari minus

  • Benjamin B.

    I believe that’s a fake VW Polo.