Would You Be Interested In A 2017 Ford Fiesta Sedan?

Now that you pretty much know what to expect from the all-new Ford Fiesta, it’s time to start imagining it with a much bigger boot.

If you want to get technical, hatchbacks are considered more practical than saloons on an everyday basis, though the latter do offer more space in the boot in terms of volume.

Another appeal that saloons tend to have is that they’re generally seen as being more elegant, although since the Fiesta is a supermini whichever way you look at it, chances are you’re not going to find a lot of stylish design elements regardless how hard you look.

Still, it’s possible we’ll see a sedan version of the all-new Fiesta hit select markets such as North and South America, parts of Asia and even Russia, though at this point we can only assume it might end up looking a lot like this rendering from Theophilus Chin.

He clearly used the front spoiler from the new Fiesta Active while also ditching the honeycomb grille in favor of a simpler design with horizontal lines like with the older version.

As for the rear, you’ve got longer and sleeker taillights as opposed to the older bulkier ones, which might work fine with the Fiesta’s new-ish design.


  • Mind Synthetic

    mazda demio yes 100% ford is meh

  • smartacus

    why no i would not be interested

  • Sébastien

    No way

  • YTF


    I would, however, be interested in a hatchback Fiesta RS…

  • supermanuel


  • Dennis Scipio

    Uh, they would be stupid not to. unless if they do decide to bring the Next-Gen Fiesta to America

    • AM

      They’ll most likely still make a sedan version since this body-style is not limited to the North American market. There is a market for sub-compact sedans like the Fiesta sedan in other markets like Asia (particularly in China and South East Asia), South America and Russia.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Lop two doors off it, lower the roofline (and ground clearance) and put a 200hp engine in it.
    A nice little coupe for those who don’t need anything too big?

    • Shobin Drogan

      Even if they do that they would probably not make it available in most countries which sucks.

  • Six Thousand Times

    There are a lot of markets where this will work.

  • dhoosee

    God no, please.

    The Fiesta is not a car that looks good in sedan form IMO. Ford should offer the option of a three-door hatch for North America, preferably in ST trim! They used to offer it in the US, but dropped it at some point. Bummer.

    Such a small sedan doesn’t hold much cargo in the rear, and ingress/egress is rough with the smaller doors and low-sloping roofline.

    I’m sick of Americans needing four-doors and tall crossovers. Our country is getting too fat and way too lazy!

  • Anthony Paonita

    Ugh. Small sedans are ugly. Really ugly. Like the current Fiesta, it only works as a hatch.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      With Mazda as an exception.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    It will always look awkward as a sedan.

  • MarketAndChurch

    I think a B-max would be a better replacement for the outgoing Fiesta sedan. Would also replace the current C-max nicely should Ford decide to stop selling that here.

    • AM

      The B-Max isn’t selling well in its main market which is Europe. So its future is uncertain. The similar-sized EcoSport crossover which started slow in Europe now outsells it.

  • eb110americana

    Not even a little.

  • AM

    “He clearly used the front spoiler from the new Fiesta Active while also ditching the honeycomb grille in favor of a simpler design with horizontal lines like with the older version.”-SERGIU TUDOSE
    He just used the Fiesta Titanium as a starting point. The front was not modified.

  • Dennis Scipio

    Seriously, I didn’t think it looked bad, I don’t know what y’all talking about.

  • Craig

    That’s a cool colour for a car. It shows up every now and then.

  • Nop

  • Rik Aindow

    Sadly, the only Saloon offered by Ford in the UK is the Mondeo (Fusion) hybrid. The Mondeo signals doesn’t even have the v6 engine as an option here. I very much doubt the Fiesta would come as a saloon here.

  • jfalckt


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