A Brand New 1993 Cadillac Allante Has Been Sitting In A GM Dealership For 24 Years

What could very well be Canada’s oldest new model for sale right now, an unused and unregistered 1993 Cadillac Allante, has been discovered in pristine condition at a GM dealership in Barrie, Ontario.

Granted, the Allante was far from Cadillac’s finest moment, but it wasn’t one of its worst either. So, how did the Pininfarina-designed and –built roadster end up staying on a showroom floor for nearly a quarter of a century?

Well, it’s one of those things that just happens, according to Canada’s Autotrader where the car is listed for sale at CA$77,743 (equal to US$59,500 at today’s rates), and which spoke to a salesman from the GM dealer, Paul Sadlon Motors:

“Apparently, the owner got a few offers for the vehicle when it was new, but wasn’t happy with them. That means that people come look at it. And when they do, hopefully, they’ll take a look at the other cars on the lot. After a few years, you’ve got the only brand new one left, and that’s not only cool but valuable. A chat with some of the dealership employees revealed that the owner is a big fan of some unusual cars, and is attached to this Cadillac, so maybe doesn’t really want to part with it.”

And with such a high asking price, it doesn’t look like the dealer really wants to sell the Allante – more like to create some buzz than anything else. A quick look on eBay supports that theory, as the most expensive Allante sold was a 1992 model with 15,500 miles for US$10,725. True, an unregistered car with only a few miles on the odo can command more money, but not six times more.

The Allante, which was Cadillac’s fruitless attempt at going after the established Mercedes-Benz SL, is not what you’d call a collector’s car in demand. Not by a long shot, and that’s reflected in current asking prices, despite the fact that only around 21,000 units were made.

Presented in 1986, the two-seater was designed and manufactured in Italy by Pininfarina to add some European cachet, with the completed bodies transferred by air to GM’s Detroit plant where they placed on top of a shortened version of the front wheel drive Eldorado’s chassis. Early models came with an underwhelming 170hp 4.1-liter V8 that was replaced by a stronger 200hp 4.2L V8 in 1989 and a 295hp 4.6L Northstar V8 in 1993. All engines were paired exclusively to a 4-speed automatic.

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  • Stephen Baxter

    Never was a bad looking car for the era, there’s one here in San Diego that is on 24inch wheels, looks so funny riding so high off the ground 🙂

    • Benjamin B.

      I would say it was gorgeous compared to most everything else made in the 1980s. It should have used a RWD or AWD platform. However GM did prove a V8 can fit in a transverse FWD layout.

    • Benjamin B.

      Really? That sounds horrible. Car wasn’t designed for larger wheels.

  • Six_Tymes

    pretty awesome car. would love to own it

  • jbworldwide1

    The only Allante I ever saw when it was new was owned by a big time drug dealer in my neighborhood.

  • Matt

    It looks like an American Maserati Biturbo.

    • XtremWize

      Yep, Both were designed by Pininfarina and assembled in San Giorgio, Canavese, Italy

    • alexxx

      exactly….at first glance i thought it was Maserati

      • Benjamin B.

        Or Chrysler TC

  • Bash

    this looks nice really, I read several articles about how the Allante is Cadillac’s NTFH or so, but yet in term of design and style, its pretty much good to me.. also the 4.6L V8 with 295 hp sound OK even now.

  • jacksonli

    As it should be, an Mercedes SL knock-off; a very poor effort on the part of GM, very sad.

  • Craig

    Never sold or registered, So does it come with a GM/Cadillac warranty?

  • Craig
  • Six Thousand Times

    I remember these. They were pretty but the cost of flying the bodies around in special 747s ate into the profits. Plus, by the time the Northstar arrived, the old Eldo chassis was well past it. A typical GM too little, too late effort from the eighties. Oh, what could’ve been…

  • Bob White

    That dealer will own it until he dies and the car goes to auction to ultimately sell for maybe 15K C$

  • Enter Ranting

    It’s a handsome, timeless design.

  • TheBelltower

    A beautiful car. Besides the fact that the way it was manufactured was completely disjointed and absurdly expensive, the main problem with the Allante’was that it was FWD. Very few people with MB SL money found this acceptable. Just like the Buick Reatta, another nicely styled GM car from the 80s, no one wanted to spend serious money on a car that spun its front wheels. It’s still the main thing that will keep this car from ever becoming a true collectible.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    the Allante was far from Cadillac’s finest moment, but it wasn’t one of its worst either.

    Damned by faint praise twice! Ouch!

  • Rayjht

    I have owned a 92 and I loved it! The issue is that it is a technological wonder. You can access the computer system from the dash controls. It also means that when they start to flake out like mine did you have no recourse. Gm does not support the car and it is so low volume that you can’t get parts for those systems. The 93 is the best to get because they changed, cheapened, several things to cut cost and share them with the Eldorado. Well that at least means that now you can get the part for that model year.

  • Peter Dailey

    Great looking cars! I highly doubt that car was stored properly which means it’s not worth crap.

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