CES 2017: Bosch Debuts Futuristic, Tech-Laden Car Concept

Just like it did last year, Bosch has debuted an impressive concept car at CES designed to offer an immersive interior laden with advanced technologies.

Looking at the interior, one of the most interesting elements is the lack of a traditional steering wheel. In its place sits is a piece trimmed in wood with two handles and not much else.

Due to the lack of a traditional 360-degree rim, the driver is given an uninterrupted view of the main screen which displays all of the vehicle’s vital information.

Sitting next to the main screen that acts as the gauge cluster is a display in the middle of the dashboard and next to it is another display dedicated to the passenger. There is then a large fourth screen running down the center console.

Bosch’s latest interior concept also includes a drive monitor camera which is able to remember the personal preferences of any particular driver. Consequently, it can remember steering wheel, seating and wing mirror positions and automatically adjusts them when that driver slips behind the wheel.

Additionally, it can tune into your favorite music, adjust the temperature to your preferences and can detect if the driver is falling asleep at the wheel and issue alert warnings. Another key feature of the concept are touchscreens that provide haptic feedback.

“Today’s consumers are demanding innovative products and services at ever-shorter intervals,” said Werner Struth, member of the board of management at Bosch. “We want to offer some products and services that acts as an assistance. Personalisation is the next level of connectivity – and Bosch is driving it forward – through all spheres of life. In doing so, we are contributing to improving quality of life.”