Chinese City Creates Women-Only ‘Goddess’ Parking Spaces

Chinese authorities from the city of Shenyang  have partially resolved what they describe as a problem of women drivers needing extra space to park their cars by coming up with a concept that would be called sexist in most parts of the globe.

The solution includes the creation of female-only parking spaces, which are not only longer and wider at 7.2×3.5m (288.46×137.8 in) compared to regular spaces at 6×2.5m (244.09×98.43 in), but are also highlighted in pink and marked by a symbol that is translated into ‘Goddess’, according to China’s News163.

There are currently 10 spaces on the streets of Shenyang destined for female drivers, whose parking fee is the same as for a standard lot, and are said to be carefully monitored by wardens and cameras so that men won’t use them.

Besides the obvious role of helping women park their cars with ease, the widened lots will also go easier on their rims, as local authorities have often received complaints that due to the regular ‘tiny’ spaces, women kept hitting the curbs with their wheels.


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