Detroit 2017: Nissan Rogue Sport Aims To Strike Gold For The Company In The U.S.

The 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport is more of a good thing for the folks at Nissan.

Sold as the Qashqai pretty much in every market that isn’t the United States, the Rogue Sport unveiled ahead of the 2017 Detroit Auto Show is being billed here as an extension of the popular Rogue nameplate that Americans can’t seem to get enough of. It unseated the Altima as the most popular Nissan in 2016 and, pickup trucks aside, was the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. in December.

The Rogue Sport, largely unchanged from the Qashqai, is built in Japan and comes only to the U.S. with a 2.0-liter four making 140 horsepower and mated to a CVT. Front-wheel drive is standard, with all-wheel drive optional. Suspension tuning has been altered for the American market, as well as the center console design adapted from the bigger Rogue.

Rogue Sports will come from Japan, whereas Europeans can’t get enough from the Qashqai that’s produced in the UK. Canada will also keep the Qashqai name, despite the U.S. intro of the car. In addition, the Rogue Sport gets different suspension tuning and a new center console over the Qashqai.

But much of the car is the same as the updated 2017 Rogue models, although the hybrid powertrain isn’t offered on the Sport. It’s a foot shorter than the standard model and a smidge narrower, so bet on it feeling very similar to drive. That’s not derisive, because the Rogue is an accomplished vehicle for carting people around – even if it doesn’t incite passion.

The Rogue Sport will come in S, SV and SL trims, with the option of lovely leather upholstery and the Nissan suite of driver assistance features. It’s exactly what people who live in cities probably want from a Rogue – something admirable, but with less bulk. Nissan has another winner on its hands.

At this point, they should just call all their vehicles “Rogue.”

 Photos: Zac Estrada and Nissan



  • Six Thousand Times

    Cash cow.

    • Benjamin B.

      I see what you did there.

    • Benjamin B.

      Sneaky Nissan counting Qashqai sales as Rogue sales. It’s like the Ford F-series.

  • ME

    Nice car but should use same engine as Juke.

    • Benjamin B.

      That 1.6T is nice, but the Qashqai is still a bit largest than the Juke.

      • Tumbi Mtika


      • ME

        Juke has more hp in US at 190. larger Rogue sport just has 140 hp.

    • Bash

      not necessary, the Juke is smaller.

      • Idgaf

        Are you retarded? The 1.6 turbo produces a lot more power and torque than the 2.0 NA in this. Why would it not be a good fit for the Qashqai? You can get in Europe with the 1.6 turbo. Rogue Sport is an awful name by the way, how unimaginative from Nissan! Ps they couldn’t be quick enough in changing the rear indicators to red! What is with Americans and that?

      • ME

        What do you mean? The Juke has 190 hp and this model has 141 hp??

  • IFDU

    This will steal sales from Juke no doubt. Also called on the name a few weeks back. Would of made no sense naming it anything else.

    • Benjamin B.

      I don’t think so. Juke is smaller and available with different powertrains (1.6T and 6-speed or CVT). Nissan plans to steal beat selling crossover nameplate from Honda.

  • Dennis Scipio

    Nice Looking too, didn’t expect Nissan to bring the Quashqai to the States as the Rogue Sport, but they did.

    • Benjamin B.

      Sales will count as Rogue sales. Meaning the Nissan Rogue will be the best selling crossover in America.

  • WG

    It looks like the designers designed the Rogue Sport taillight with a highlighter.

  • Jay

    Im just glad it doesn’t have a floating roof 🙂

    • Tumbi Mtika

      That’s why I like the Rogues

      • Jay

        I liked them ever since the second generation. The floating roof needs to go away.

        • Tumbi Mtika


  • jtns

    nissan’s new rogue sport is what the new vw tiguan should be, but only 140hp with cvt…? if it can move out smartly it will be a huge hit for nissan.

  • Liam Paul

    I like it, I would look at one if I was looking for a tiny suv. that interior is A plus

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