The Inevitable Mercedes G-Class Replacement Looks Faithful To The Original

They don’t make ’em like they used to, you say? They do when it comes to the most hardcore off-roaders. Or at least they have been. But that’s all about to change – and that includes the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Like the Jeep Wrangler and Land Rover Defender, the G-Wagen has been around for a long time – since 1979, to be exact – but it’s bound for replacement in the near future. And here we have a spy video of the iconic sport-ute’s replacement cold-weather testing in the snow… two of them, no less.

Still shrouded in swirly camouflage, it’s hard to tell much as far as details go about the forthcoming next-gen Geländewagen from looking at this pre-production prototype, even from every which angle. But what we can tell from the overall shape is that it looks poised to remain faithful to the original we know and love – albeit updated for the modern era.

It still looks squared-off like the current model, but is expected to benefit from all manner of refinements. That can’t be a bad thing, so long as it retains its gruff attitude and go-anywhere capability.

This isn’t the first time that Mercedes has plotted to replace the old-school G. The vehicle we now know as the GLS was reputedly planned as a successor to the G-Wagen, but outcry from steadfast enthusiasts prompted Daimler to continue producing it – or having Magna Steyr continue producing it on its behalf, at any rate, just as it has for the better part of the past 40 years.

Look for the 2019 G-Class to bow as early as the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, and watch this space for more in the meantime.


  • Tumbi Mtika

    Well if it ain’t broke…

    • Kash

      it’s not broke, but it is overweight and doesn’t have the most interior room for it’s size. Mainly it needs a sliding 2nd row and it’d make it so much better.

      • Bash

        I always thought that it need to be wider too..

        • Kash

          My husband would agree with you, but only when he’s in the front seat with someone like his dad who also has a broad frame. When it’s me and him up front it’s fine. They are making it wider though but only about 10cm, i do believe. When they announced the 2nd gen they really focused on that part.

          • Bash

            this is great to know that they are going to make it little wider, I wonder if the 10cm would be noticeable from the outside.. I think that if its a little more wider would give it a greater stance and all.. also don’t you think or share this thought with me that it would be more nice if it was sleeker, I mean having less body parts bulging out of it (door handles, rear tail lights, bumpers or those rubber/chrome strips running along the entire side of it..) I believe they could still maintain the military/utilitarian shape yet making it look more modern, more attractive or more appealing.. not that it lacks any of those elements, the G-Wagon to me was always the perfect blend between being practical and .. say (fashion), I can only think of the range rover as an example here.

          • Kash

            When i spec’d my G65 i picked the carbon fiber side strips instead of the chrome (looks way better by the way) and when I had the G63 i had them do a “stormtrooper” motify with the whole matte white body and high gloss black accents thing, then when I had my G55 (up until i got the 63 in ’13) i had everything wrapped in white, everything except the rims. I don’t love the design of the taillights and I don’t like how they protrude either, otherwise I like the door handles and how everything else is, I don’t want them to over modernize it, embed the tail lights but keep them where they are, simplify the side strips, they break things up a bit, but keep everything else the same.

            Here’s all the changes i can see:
            The hood design is more rounded/smoothed out now.
            The roof design is the same where it looks like it’s sitting on top of the car and has the obvious lip around it.
            The rear bumper is smoothed out a bit and they don’t have the light/reflector in it anymore which tells me they’re changing the tail light design but they’re still gonna protrude.
            Side strip is toned down a bit as well.
            Front bumper is redesigned, it’s gonna have a new accent across all the intakes/mesh.
            The grille is adopting more of a “shield shape” than it has right now, it’s subtle though, as well as getting the new grille slats we see on all their SUV’s.
            Headlights are gonna stay the same but the shape around them looks like it’s more rhombus than square now, but just a bit.

            P.s. some of this stuff you can’t see in this video, but you can see in pics from the Nov 8th article on this site.

            Over all the new one looks like it’s gonna be the same as the current one, just wider, and with a few bits smoothed out and updated like they’ve done over the years.

          • Bash

            1st thing allow me to (high five) and salute you for that sweet sweet G65 I would love to see it or a pic one day, Its really like my dream car. lol

            on the other hand, you saw those changes from camouflage photos and videos only..!! let me salute you again for having such an impressive attention to details… I do remember you mentioning that on of the posts. 🙂 car makers are constantly developing new ways/ideas to camouflage their concepts and pre-production products just because people like you..! :D:D

          • Kash

            Thank you, i got an amazing deal on it, and by amazing deal I mean i paid dealer cost for it. lol. That markup on them is insane by the way.

            It’s just what I do, what I have to do, it’s literally my job, but yeah I’ve been told I’m a nightmare for car companies, and that was from one of the guys who drives for Mercedes. Great guy, at the time they were testing the W212 facelift. If i could see one of these in person I could really get into the details, camo works for pictures but it’s not so great in person.

            Volvo though, has the best camo out of everyone. Seriously if you wanna hide your designs do like Volvo, however I am waiting to see them testing the XC90’s facelift to see how hard they go on camo.

          • Matt

            Much like the boxy look, the protruding tail lights are part of the G’s character.

            Making them flush would look weird, like having a molded spare wheel. They’re part of the utilitarian appeal.

          • Kash

            I love the way it looks but flush tail lights aren’t gonna take away from the looks and I think it’d make the profile look a little nicer and cleaner.

      • Kagan

        The new one will not be frame based. it will be lighter and bigger.

        • Kash

          bigger, yes, but not much, and lighter, i think they’re saying 500lbs lighter than the current one.

  • pcurve

    are we sure this is actually brand new? lol

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Is that a problem?

  • Kash

    I’m actually really excited for this.

  • Erzhik

    MB would be utter idiots to discontinue this…ever. When you see one, even from a far distance, you know it’s a Mercedes.

    • Bash

      and you know its a big buck on wheels man…

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