TopCar Mercedes GLE 350d Coupe Costs As Much As A Stock AMG 63 S

If you’re into aggressive looks and are willing to set aside performance in favor of more people turning their heads as you drive past, then sure, you might be able to justify buying this thing instead of the Mercedes-AMG version.

That said, petrol-heads will probably disagree with that statement, seen as how there’s not much you can do to this 350d in order to make it nearly as fast or as fun to drive as the GLE63 S Coupe.

This TopCar-tuned GLE 350d Coupe is wearing the company’s infamous Inferno body kit, and is currently for sale with zero miles on the clock. The asking price is 6,750,000 rubles, about $113,206. Oh and the 22″ Lumma Design wheels are 411,000 rubles (roughly $6,900).

As of right now, you can purchase the 2017 Mercedes-AMG GLE63 S in the US for $110,650, though when you add a few optional extras (as most do), you’ll probably end up buying it for about as much as TopCar is asking for this diesel-powered Inferno.

By the way, the Inferno kit consists of wide-body parts, an aggressive front bumper, muscular hood, side skirts, new fenders and a large rear diffuser. The Russian tuner also offers plenty of cabin customizations, making it feel even more special.

Still, something tells us most of our readers would rather have the regular GLE63 S over this ultra-aggressive 350d.


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