Ask Us Anything: 2017 Infiniti Q60 3.0t First Drive

It’s still hard to figure out what Infiniti stands for these days, but we’ll give it a try.

The 2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe is supposed to be a luxurious head-turner in a sea of obvious choices. But then there a lot of good choices in this league, even if the badges are the typical German ones. Does the Infiniti stand out? We’ve been driving the 2017 Infiniti Q60 3.0t. Here are some initial thoughts.

Have we met?

The Q60’s looks certainly grew on me over the week, but even when I saw the concept for the first time two years ago, it struck me as a combination of some other luxury coupes. I can’t help think a Lexus RC and BMW 4-Series Coupe got together one night to produce this. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Oh yeah, we’ve met

Too bad the interior is only as adventurous as the Q50 sedan’s, which is to say, it isn’t at all. And it comes complete with the screens that feel a generation or two behind. There are rear seats, too, but I had no idea how to contort myself through the seatbelts to get back there.

Car or computer? #Infiniti #infinitiq60 #intelinside

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Power to the wheels

It doesn’t feel like all 300 horses showed up for work until you feather the accelerator pedal and make the rear wheels go crazy on gravelly roads. It’s amusing the first time, frustrating every other time.

Weighing in

Being the better part of two tons does hurt here, however. The Q60 doesn’t exactly encourage you to take corners aggressively. You even sit a little high in it, so it strikes me more as a comfortable cruiser than anything else.

It has its fans

I’ll admit, the Q60 has grown on me. For $55,000 well-equipped, it’s also a respectable deal as far as these luxury coupes go. It has a presence, too. But it competes against a lot of good cars, like the 4-series, Mercedes C-Class Coupe and others. Yet it still turns some heads, even without Kit Harington in it (although I’d certainly invite him in). That’s the point of this, right?

What are your questions? Sound off in the comments.

Photos: Keith Moore/Carscoops


  • ctk4949

    Can you use a hammer and smooth out that stupid dimple on top of the middle grille?? Just ruins the whole front end of the car!! Why no ventilated seats or heads-up display?? If this is all new, why does it have a 5 year old interior??

    • ctk4949

      So I guess, when you say “Ask us anything” you really meant “Go ahead ask us, but we aint gonna answer anything!!” lol

    • MultiKdizzle

      It doesn’t bother me.

  • Nice Styling

    It’s a great looking coupe! I like the fact that it has jump seats in the back for those rare times you might have to cram someone aboard for a short junket.

  • SteersUright

    Good looking? Sure, from most angles.
    Interior? Absolutely acceptable, though somewhat dated and thus disappointing for an all-new sports car.
    Dynamics? Its nearly 4000lbs, don’t kid yourself. Its almost offensive how heavy Infiniti allowed this coupe to be.
    Engine? Perhaps the gem of the whole new package, esp in 400hp guise.
    In summary: there are way too many better ways to spend $50-$60k for a sports car. This will only survive on cheap lease deals and if you can find one, then it may be worth a look. Infiniti isn’t breaking any new ground with this car, its making decent use of a new engine and the rest all off-the-shelf parts. Shame, they need some real innovation and a true show-stopper of a new product. Infiniti has become a 2nd rate luxury brand with only Acura and Cadillac further behind.

    • baofe

      Well maybe Acura but Cadillac as sure paved its own path and not to mention the performance v division.

    • dumblikeyou2

      Cadillac can be seen as many things, but there’s a history there that for better or worse, Infiniti will never ever garner. Admittedly Cadillacs can be ghetto fab, but Infinitis are just ghetto.

  • TheBelltower

    At $45k, this is a nice upgrade from a Mustang. But at $55k, I’m going with a well optioned 4 Series.

    • dolsh

      Heck…at $45k, I’m still picking the Mustang.

  • MultiKdizzle

    Beautiful. How’s the adaptive steering though?

  • eb110americana

    I have some friends, an elderly couple, that are considering one. They primarily drive a ~2015 Accord, but the wife really likes the way this Q60 looks, so they may sell their old Civic to get one. The husband remembers their old G35 sedan, which was much more sporty, noting that they don’t want something so stiffly sprung again. For sure, they value a smooth ride above most other qualities. So, would they like the Q60?

  • Robert

    IMO a great exterior design let down by an interior center stack that is gimmicky and looks dated already. Shame