German Firefighters Cut Open A New Porsche Panamera During Training

Porsche have sacrificed a Panamera from the latest generation for a good purpose – helping local fire services train for emergency situations.

Gathering up in Nuremberg, the rescue team turned theory into practice by using their large shears and spreaders on a new Porsche Panamera from the pre-production stage, a car that had already served its purpose in internal diagnostic tests and was put to rest for a good cause.

Automobile manufacturers create ‘rescue sheets’ for their vehicles to help the emergency services when they need to rescue people. This makes it easier for the rescue team to help people quickly and safely, at the scene“, said Alexander Grenz from the department of Technical Service, referring to the documents that indicate key components of specific cars such as the high-voltage parts, battery and fuel tank.

The Porsche Panameram, now in its second generation, is expected to welcome two new members at next month’s Geneva Motor Show, the plug-in E-Hybrid and a shooting-brake-style estate based on the Sport Turismo concept from 2012.

The sedan model in its most basic version can be had from €113,027 ($120,160) in Germany, and from $101,040 in the United States.


  • Tumbi Mtika

    NO! The poor Panamera!!!

  • nice

  • smartacus

    it’s interesting to see extrication techniques don’t look much different from 25 years ago when i learned them.