Super Bowl LI: Melissa McCarthy Embarks On An Advertising Journey With Kia Niro

Emmy-award winner Melissa McCarthy is ‘The Hero’ Kia needs for promoting the all-new Niro.

Whether it’s saving whales, rhinos, the polar ice caps, or trees, the 46-year old actress proves it’s not easy being an eco-warrior.

However, having the 2017 Kia Niro at her disposal makes the entire adventure cozier, but it’s a different question if she can actually save the planet without hurting herself.

As for the 1-minute long footage that demonstrates the Niro’s versatility, it was created by the company’s advertising agency David&Goliath, and will air during the third quarter of the Super Bowl, this Sunday, as the latest in a string of commercials for which Kia turned to the 46-year old actress.

Besides showing the adventurous video, Kia has also rolled out two more ads that stay true to the original concept. The first one shows Melissa McCarthy using the heated and cooling functions of the front seats, with an unusual passenger getting ready to ride shotgun, while the other highlights the reversing camera, which can also be used to monitor whatever is chasing you.