Toyota i-TRIL Autonomous Concept Teased Ahead Of Geneva Premiere

Toyota has dropped the first teaser image of an all-new concept car, scheduled to debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

Named the i-TRIL, it’s positioned as an “alternative to city cars, other electric vehicles and motorcycles”, and “aimed at people who want to have fun even while driving at small speeds around cities”, says Toyota. The study is also equipped with autonomous driving tech, as you’d expect.

Developed by the automaker’s European branch, in collaboration with the ED2 design studio in Nice, France, it has a one-plus-two seating layout and a system that angles it during cornering to increase stability, which is known as the ‘Active Lean’ technology.

Further details on the new Toyota i-TRIL are to be announced during the Swiss automotive event that opens its gates in two weeks, though until then, Toyota also released more details on the new Yaris GRMN, which will also make its debut.

Meant to sit right at the top of the current Yaris family, it’s said to be inspired by the company’s return to the World Rally Championship (WRC) with the Yaris WRC, making use of a 1.8-liter supercharged engine that will develop “more than 212 PS (209 HP)”.


  • – “it’s positioned as an “alternative to city cars, other electric vehicles and motorcycles”
    – self-driving technology
    – tilts whilst cornering
    – holds three…
    Sounds familiar. So far those qualifications were brought together only in one other vehicle that’s been gracing the internet. Let’s see how close Toyota comes to that one…

    • Mill0048

      LOL, with the BMW-Toyota partnerships, we could be close to getting both a new Isetta and an i-Tril!

  • TheHake

    This will not sell well in South Africa with that name…