Toyota Partners With….Shell For Hydrogen Fuel Stations

Toyota is teaming up with fuel giant Shell to build seven new hydrogen fueling stations on the streets of California.

The two companies will contribute $11.4 million on the project while the California Energy Commission may provide an additional $16.4 million in grants as part of a bid to have 100 retail stations in the state by 2024.

On the surface, it seems rather bizarre for a massive oil company like Shell to have any interest in alternatively-fueled vehicles. However, the company is aware that oil won’t last forever and is looking towards a future where its reliance on this finite resource will have to be reduced. Rather than heading down the electric vehicle route, it is backing hydrogen and currently operates six hydrogen stations, four in Germany and two in LA.

Shell is also one of 13 companies to have formed a global hydrogen council last month where $10.7 billion will be invested into hydrogen products in the next five years.

According to Katsuhiko Hirose, a Toyota project general manager, Shell’s decision to back hydrogen is also a way for the company to fire back at Elon Musk, an outspoken critic of the oil industry.

Speaking to Automotive News, Hirose said “The enemy of the enemy is a friend. [Musk] threatens the oil companies, and the oil companies respond the other way”, supporting hydrogen.


  • U8INIT

    Thought this car was catching on fire last I checked. Honda has been storming in fuel cells and has the better product from it so…

  • TheBelltower

    I would like to partner with a sledgehammer so that I can beat the hell out of each and every one of these hideous things I see.

  • S3XY

    Exactly why Hydrogen will never get support. Backed by big oil. And you cant refuel your car at home. My car is charging right now in my driveway. Nothing beats that.

    • pureworx

      delusional much?

      if big oil backs hydrogen, you can guarantee it’ll be the next form of fuel.. the amount of resource/investment that will now be poured into hydrogen will show faster progress than before.. and i’d much rather refuel at a station in a few mins rather than few hours at home or along my freaking journey.. if batteries are the answer might as well go back to horse carriages.

      and where does you electric come from? majority of developed nations barely produce 5-10% over the amount of electric they currently use, what happens when the demand surges 200% thanks to everyone plugging in their electric cars? you will have blackouts.. unless new power stations are built and so far wind/solar are not efficient enough.. so more nuclear power? i don’t think the tesla loving hipsters would want those..

      • Pauly

        How do you think Hydrogen is created and stored? At the moment you need to use ALOT of electricity to split it from water.

        Do you see how dumb that is? You are using electricity which could have otherwise have gone directly over powerlines straight into your EV’s battery pack to instead split oxygen and hydrogen atoms which then need to be captured and stored!

        And let’s not forget that all that hydrogen fuel you now have has to be transported around on fossil fuel burning trucks to its destinations! Which just leads to more congestion on our roads and more pollution. Instead that electricity you used to split those oxygen oxygen and hydrogen atoms could have been transported over the electricity grid that I’d already in place!

        Hydrogen makes absolutely no sense.

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