2017 GMC Acadia Barely Scrapes By In Latest Review

Even though the 2017 Acadia is a much improved vehicle compared to the previous-generation model, there are still plenty of shortcomings you need to get over in order to find value for money.

That’s not to say that you can’t get over them, as Kelley Blue Book’s Zach Vlasuk points out during this review. In fact, he finds that there are plenty of things to like about the Acadia, as long as you don’t expect an overall near-perfect package.

In terms of positives, you’ve got the modern design, the well spec’d interior with solid standard features, good handling characteristics and more compact dimensions.

Vlasuk, however, found plenty of things to dislike about the 2017 Acadia, starting with its poor standard headlights – he advises you get the optional Xenon lamps instead.

The biggest downside to the Acadia however remains its interior, or to be more precise, the bottom half of the cabin, which features a surprising amount of cheap plastics and panel gaps. You also don’t get auto-up controls for any of the windows, while the sunroof is about as subtle as a heart attack upon opening.

In the end, the 2017 Acadia truly is a proper upgrade over its predecessor, however, before you purchase one, you should really weigh all its pros and cons against its well-established rivals.


  • Ilbirs

    Couldn’t be these non-auto-up window controls of the tested unit due to at some time the battery being disconnected? By what I know, when a power window is used after the reconnection of the battery, you must reprogram the auto-up and the obstacle detection by selecting the up switch and keeping it pressed by some seconds after the window is fully closed.

    • Matt

      That is true of Renault, not sure of other brands. You would know if this was the case though, as the window would actually only move an inch each time.

      I think the reviewer was only doing this for effect, if you held the button down/up the window would work fine.

      • Ilbirs

        In Hondas, reprogramming the driver’s side power window (usually the only one that has an auto-up function) after a battery disconnection has the same procedure of Renault and, by what I remember, so this procedure applies to the GM and Ford models which I’m more in touch. It’s more or less a standartized measure and I found strange that in an Acadia this would be different.

        • Matt

          I don’t think the Arcadia is any different. What I meant by my last comment is that the reviewer was just pretending to make the window ‘jerk’.

          It wasn’t anything to do with the battery, it was just for the camera.

  • Matthijs

    That interior looks 10 years old.. well, actually, the exterior looks a bit dated as well

  • TheBelltower

    GMC isn’t a luxury brand, but it is in the premium category. I like the design of the Acadia and the idea of getting upscale features in a car that isn’t as blingy as a Cadillac or as generic as a Toyota. But until GM sweats the details a lot more, I won’t be considering one. The engineers did a great job cutting weight, but whoever is responsible for that sun shade, low-rent surfaces, sloppy construction and power window switches, should lose their job. They clearly phoned-it-in with the Acadia.

    • Tydogg123 .

      I’ve always felt GMC was in a weird category where it didn’t know where exactly it fit. In general, base model pricing between Chevy and GMC are quite close for most models. My FIL just picked up a Chevy truck. When we priced it out versus the GMC, it was less than a grand cheaper to buy the Chevy and the interior was 99% the same. Seems like a canabalistic approach…..

      • TheBelltower

        I think it’s considered to be the Buick of trucks for GM.

  • Matt

    Is this stil going to be sold as a Holden?

  • Brian

    The driver window in our 2017 Acadia Denali has auto up. Also, I found the ride to be FAR superior to the Explorer in both ride comfort and transmission shifts. Carscoops, do better work. You’re the only car review site crapping on the Acadia right now

    • Matt

      To be fair, Carscoops didn’t make the review.

    • john1168

      KBB did the review.

  • john1168

    I was hoping for better with this new suv. Mechanically it sounds very good but the interior features seem lacking big time. I guess they want everyone to buy the Denali although that still doesn’t get you auto up windows and a padded outboard armrest. I would expect that (not having them) on a 15 year old economy car, NOT a $40K+ modern suv. Pretty sad you have to get the Denali in order to have safe enough headlights too. 750 pounds lighter, good fuel efficiency with the V6 and a good AWD system are good things though.

    • john1168

      oh…. and I hate the headlights.

  • Sukhoi31m3

    I like: the tidying up of the redesign, smaller and lighter. I don’t like: having to buy a Denali model to get good lighting, and active fuel management in the 3.6. Some owners have good luck with AFM, others don’t, and I’m not willing to take the chance of not having a “good” experience with it.