2025 Buick Luna Is An Exercise For A Golf-Rivalling Hatch

Buick current six model family covers many of the market’s most popular segments, but fails to tap into the world of hatchbacks – outside of China that is, as in the People’s Republic it offers a re-badged version of Opel’s Astra..

Although there’s no indication that the company is planning to expand into this field, artist Cameron Bresn has dreamed up a Buick rival to the all-conquering Volkswagen Golf.

Dubbed the Luna, the vehicle has been designed with the year 2025 in mind and therefore adopts a very futuristic and sleek design in an intriguing two-door, four-seat configuration.

As cars of the future are expected to focus more on the comfort of passengers than ever before, the Luna’s cabin has been designed to be multi-purpose and offers different configurations for normal driving and autonomous driving. The seats also have the ability to recline heavily to maximize comfort.

It’s difficult to say if consumers would be receptive of a small Buick hatchback, but if it looked anything like this, we’d definitely give it our tick of approval.