Ferrari 812 Superfast Will Make You Forget All About The F12tdf

Ferrari has not one, but two examples of the 812 Superfast on display at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

Finished in a special red shade called Rosso 70 Anni, the first one may not be as striking as the yellow example spotted a couple of weeks ago, but its head-turning ability is there, and just in case you missed it, there’s a second one, with a Grigio Caldo Opaco body color.

Developed to celebrate the brand’s 70th anniversary, the new Ferrari 812 Superfast is the most powerful production machine the Prancing Horse has ever come up with (LaFerrari is a limited edition). It uses a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine that delivers 800 PS (789 HP) and 718 Nm (530 lb-ft) of torque to the rear wheels, through a tweaked 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

This is the first Ferrari to introduce the Electric Power Steering (EPS), and it also benefits from the Virtual Short Wheelbase (PCV) 2.0 system, which combines the electric front steering assistance with the mechanical concept based on tire dimensions and rear-wheel steering, making it more agile.

Ferrari’s display of power in Geneva includes some special Tailor Made offerings, such as a 488 GTB inspired by the 290 MM driven by Juan Manuel Fangio in the 1956 Mille Miglia, finished in Rosso Corsa and with a Blu Laguna and Giallo Modena livery.


  • Peđa Knežević

    Based on looks and design, I would rather have TDF or even regular F12

  • fabri99

    Can’t they just ask Pininfarina to draw something for them? This really looks horrible.

  • KenjiK

    The F12 (both base and TDF) looks a lot better than this.

  • ErnieB

    I think it looks great! Can someone give me the winning lottery numbers?

  • Axiom Ethos

    There are some very odd dynamics with the way the lines flow on this car, starting with the awkward inlets around the headlamps then going towards the side doors and then the gills on the C-pillar and the jagged C-pillar roof line. It is sleek but full of oddities that do not maintain composure. I’ll pass.

  • Belthronding Tinuviel

    i think there is no much people like me but i like it more than f12 and tdf.
    at least front end does not look weird like f12,tdf and ff with smiling face.
    rear end reminds me old ferraris.
    anyway, even 812 is no match for aventador s.
    lambo is the king of the v12s.

  • Honda NSX-R

    Nope, I still remember the F12tdf.

  • antbee

    Is the 812 Superfast taking the place of the F12 and/or the F12tdf, or is it an additional vehicle in Ferrari’s offerings? I hope not the former, as I love the F12 and the F12tdf.

    • KenjiK

      It’s replacing the F12

      • antbee

        😭Thank you, but… 😭

    • Matt

      Think of the 812 as the F12 ‘Face-lift’ – that’s basically what it is (but with many mechanical changes).

      • antbee

        Thank you, Matt, but @KenjiK already broke my heart the other day, but you’ve done so, again, but with more details. *cries like Lucy*

  • Mafio

    About the title…

    Shiii..the tdf is now my second favorite Ferrari.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Because Ferrari loves to piss its customers off.

  • eb110americana

    Can Ferrari please find the guy who has been naming all the latest models, then take him out back and shoot him? Make sure his tombstone reads, “Here Lies: That guy who what named Ferrari’s and Peace-Restin’ grave site Headstone-Under this here is him. 972. LaEnzo…McDinoNotTheFlintstonesDinosaur.”

    • Matt

      I think the guy who originally came up with the ‘Superfast’ name is dead, seeing as it was last used by Ferrari in the 1960’s.

  • Six Thousand Times

    The in-the-flesh pictures look MUCH better than the studio shots and silver looks better than red.

  • Joe_HTH

    So it has a V-12 that is slower than the V-6 in the new Ford GT, yet everyone hates on the Ford GT because it has a V-6. The Ford GT V-6 also produces more torque, which is mind-boggling.

    Body shape looks like a Corvette.

  • Six_Tymes

    its fantastic, brilliant design work.

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