Infiniti & Renault F1 Recharge Q60 Coupe And Turn It Into The Hot Project Black S

Developed in close collaboration with the Renault Sport Formula One Team, Project Black S represents a radical reinterpretation of the Infiniti Q60 Coupe, while exploring hybrid power and new aero features.

The whole idea behind the Project Black S is to eventually enhance performance and dynamics for Infiniti production vehicles, using Renault’s Formula One technology.

For example, the Project Black S features a performance hybrid powertrain with an energy recovery system (ERS) unlike anything you’ll see in a current road car.

The system works by harvesting energy before deploying it in order to boost power and torque, in turn leading to instant, lag-free acceleration, according to the automaker. Also, the new ‘Black S’ grade could in turn represent a so-called maximum level of performance and dynamic ability in an Infiniti road car.

In other words, ‘Black S’ could offer enhancements such as higher power and torque, new or uprated suspension systems, as well as unique design elements.

“Infiniti is leading the way with innovative new powertrain technology for consumers, such as the award-winning 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine, and VC-Turbo, the world’s first production-ready variable compression ratio engine. With Project Black S, we are looking at how a unique performance hybrid energy recovery system could be adapted from Formula One for use on the road,” said Infiniti product strategy VP, Francois Bancon.

The automaker has already calculated that a performance hybrid ERS system could contribute to an approximate 25% improvement in maximum power output. Furthermore, Infiniti thinks that the Q60 sports coupe could provide an ideal platform for such a powertrain, which is why the Geneva-bound concept is also featuring other mods such as the new high-performance titanium twin exhaust system, the lightweight 21″ wheels, wheel arch extensions, enlarged air intakes, large rear wing, or the wider tires.

“Project Black S is a daring and elevated representation of Infiniti’s performance DNA. It expresses our desire to create cars that are designed to perform, marrying the potency of a high-performance powertrain with a muscular new design. This project has given us the opportunity to experiment with advanced materials to create a performance-inspired aesthetic that draws on Infiniti’s motorsport ties through the Alliance,” added Infiniti design boss, Alfonso Albaisa.

Mods such as the previously-mentioned rear wing, but also the front splitter, rear diffuser, fenders and side skirts are all constructed out of carbon fiber, whereas the thin aero “blades” in the side sills channel air around the lower body of the car.

This concept’s presence at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show is also meant to gauge potential interest in genuinely high-performance versions of current or future Infiniti models.

Story updated with live imagery from Infiniti’s Geneva show stand


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    Cut the bullshit Infiniti. Just answer the damn question.

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