Is This Roasted 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 Worth Saving At $12k?

Buying a DeLorean doesn’t exactly come cheap, which is why we’re pondering if spending nearly $12,000 on this damaged example could make for a good deal.

No, leaving a fire trail after leaping forwards or backwards in time isn’t what led to this car looking the way it did. It was something as simple and unfortunate as a garage fire that brought the car to its knees – though we wouldn’t quite call it unsalable yet.

In terms of damages, the eBay ad doesn’t tell us anything other than this: “It starts when given fuel into the carburetor, but it’s not receiving fuel from the tank. Not sure if there’s a shut-off switch or a bad fuel line.”

The owner probably figures somebody out there would be willing to restore it, if not for the love of the brand, than perhaps in honor of the Back to the Future franchise, so they can use it as a time machine replica.

In terms of usage, the car was driven for 20,333 miles (32,722 km), which isn’t a lot, although many other DeLoreans on eBay have fewer miles on the clock – yes, the more expensive, non-burned down ones. This one, though, also comes with a yellow paint job and custom wheels, mods that may not be to everyone’s liking.


  • Zed68

    What kind of brainless ape paints a DeLorean ??????????????????

    • alexxx

      actually its refreshing to see another color besides dull silver…

      • kachuks

        It does bring out the lines in a way I’ve never seen before.

        Now that car bodies are being made of aluminum, they should offer anodized finish from the factory.

      • eb110americana

        It kind of reminds me of a Lotus Esprit.

    • TheBelltower

      When you see a painted Delorean it’s probably a car that’s been in an accident. I’ll bet there’s at least one panel with bondo beneath it. You can’t repair stainless steel panels. Only replace completely, or paint over.

      • Zed68

        You can repair them… not an easy process but you can.
        You should watch the episode of Classic Car Rescue where they build one that was painted red. They knew that it was hiding panel damage… and it was.
        They had to hire a specialist to repair it, and to recreate the brushed aspect.

        • TheBelltower

          Cool. I’ll watch that episode. I doubt anyone would paint a Delorean today. They are worth too much. But it wasn’t long ago that these things were being given away for next to nothing, even when they looked good. It wasn’t worth the bother to fix them properly.

          • Zed68

            I think one of the wings was too damaged to be repaired actually… so they had to buy one (I can’t remember if this happened to them or to Wheeler dealers… or to For the love of cars… they all had a DeLorean)

      • CarCzarDesigner

        I wouldn’t make the assumption the car has automatically been in an accident, just because it is painted. Yes, it is possible. But DMC started painting their cars on request, because they were getting complaints that the SS was difficult to maintain and keeping it clean. Plus, some buyers wanted the car in another color, other than silver.

  • Jay

    Is a bird in a hand worth two in a bush?

  • Braddo

    Kind of weird seeing it in yellow…

  • europeon

    Clearly a flux capacitor overload.

    • eb110americana

      That thing is definitely fluxed.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    As you can see, the silver paint on your common DeLorean doubles as a fire retardent, which is very useful, especially when needed to defy the rigid laws of time and space.

  • f1300

    This one is in a really bad shape. And it most obviously was already before the fire. Look at the details of the interior, the paintjob as stated before among other things. It doesn’t even look like the car was on fire, but there was a fire “over” the car. I think, that fire was the best thing what could have happened to the owner, pricewise… 😉

  • Livethedream

    Carburetor? I call B.S. The PRV V6 had a Bosch fuel injection system. This thing has some sort of a mockery of an engine. It even says 3.0 on the cover. The Delorean had a 2.8 litre. Believe me, from being a former owner, this would be a money pit. Sad to see it painted too. It probably is hiding significant damage. They are amazing to drive when working properly (daily driver 5 years). Just needs an understanding person with lots of patience and a spare 15min of your life every time you put gas or go to the store.

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