Toyota Recalls Another 2.9 Million Vehicles Globally Over Takata Airbags

Toyota have announced yet another recall campaign for vehicles fitted with the potentially faulty airbag inflators, supplied by Takata.

The latest action covers roughly 2.9 million units worldwide, including the RAV4 and Corolla Axio, and was issued for 1.16 million that were delivered in Oceania and Middle East, and 750,000 sold in Japan, AutoNews reports.

Vehicles shipped to Europe are also affected by this recall, but the exact numbers have yet to be released, whereas North America, which is the brand’s biggest market, is exempt from this safety campaign.

Other manufacturers that had to recall about 240,000 vehicles in the Land of the Rising Sun over the same dangerous inflators made by Takata are Mitsubishi, Hino Motors, and Fuji Heavy Industries, which makes Subarus.

Takata’s dangerous airbag inflators, which are known to explode with excessive force, in the event of a crash, and spread shrapnel towards the occupants, equip more than 100 million vehicles globally and have accounted for more than 150 injuries, and at least 16 deaths, worldwide.


  • Craig

    I wonder when the Takata nightmare will end. My driver’s side inflator was replaced last year with what I assume is now a safe one. But I’m still waiting for the passenger side. I got a letter last summer telling me that I’ll be informed any day now when the new passenger side inflator is available. [it is just the inflator – right?] I’m no longer holding my breath. I wonder… if you sell your car, do you have to legally inform the new owner of recalls? [I would… if I was selling it. But I was curious]