Pirelli Presents Colored Tires & Sensor Tech In Geneva

Pirelli has launched two innovations during this year’s Geneva Motor Show, both of them made to enhance customer experience on and off the road.

The first innovation is about personalization, with the tire manufacturer now offering colored editions of its P Zero and Winter Sottozero tires, for which Pirelli engineers had to develop new materials and protection systems to make sure the colors remain vivid even with heavy usage.

These tires are available to pre-order now, and measure 19″ or more. Even though they’re being launched in the prestige segment first (supercars/hypercars), they will be extended to premium cars as well.

Base colors include red, yellow, white and silver, colors that should prove durable since they’re protected by a new material that acts as a barrier to maintain the brilliance of the color, avoiding fading caused by time and use.

The second innovation is called ‘Pirelli Connesso’, which is a platform integrated into P Zero and Winter Sottozero tires, communicating with the driver via an app, giving him or her vital information on how the tire is working. The service will be launched first in the US this summer, followed by Europe and the Far East.

The way Pirelli Connesso works is through a sensor embedded in the tire, connected to the Pirelli Cloud and to a smartphone app, allowing you to communicate with your tires. The sensor measures pressure, temperature, static vertical load, wear and number of miles covered by each tire.

As opposed to current on-board tire pressure monitoring systems, Pirelli Connesso works both when the car is in motion as well as when it’s stationary. In the future, Connesso will be able to detect drops in pressure remotely, and make alterations to the tires while the car is parked.