U Spy: 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon Prototype Found Resting In Colorado

The baddest and meanest muscle car of all time, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, was spotted by a reader at a parking lot, in Rocky Mountains, Colorado.

Dodge may currently torture everyone with what feels like the longest teasing period prior to a new model but luckily that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have the chance of actually seeing the new Challenger SRT Demon.

Don’t let details like the tuner (LB) stickers and the full set of seats fool you; we believe that this is the real thing as the car is wearing Manufacturer License Plates and has a computer mounted inside, indicating its prototype nature. Add the fact that the parking lot was hosting a couple of other FCA prototypes (more on this later) and we can tell with near certainty that this is the new Demon.

Thanks to our awesome reader Brett Borgard who sent in these images, we get to see that this prototype looks pretty much the same with the car that was leaked a little while ago, apart from the visible bolts on the wider wheel arches. The hood, roof and trunk are even finished in the same matte black.

Dodge has officially confirmed so far that the Challenger SRT Demon will be 215lbs (97.5kg) lighter than the Hellcat by stripping the cabin of most of its sound-deadening material, the truck lining and spare tire. The audio system will be limited to just two speakers while the steering wheel will be manually adjusted.

But the biggest weight-saving feature will be the removal of both the rear bench and the front passenger’s seat, saving a total of 113lbs (51.2kg) and making the Demon essentially a single seater. Don’t worry though, as Dodge will offer to put the seats back inside (at least the passenger’s one) as an option.

The new Challenger SRT Demon is also going to be the first ever factory vehicle to come fitted with standard and bespoke drag radials, wrapped around the 18×11 alloy wheels. Other features that have seen the light include a trick launch control system and several driveline updates among others.

Of course the biggest mystery surrounding the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon remains the output of its supercharged Hemi V8; some believe it could offer as much as 757hp while others talk about totally insane numbers that start with a 9.

All we know for sure is that Dodge will officially reveal the Challenger SRT Demon on April 11 at the New York Auto Show.

H/T To Brett Borgard for the photos!


  • Kaisuke971

    Maybe all these companies actually worked on the Demon in collaboration with Dodge ?

  • donald seymour

    I’m so sick and tired of this car.

    • Tomaz Hilton

      yet took the time to comment on a topic about the car…

      • donald seymour

        I was venting.

    • Eythan Aldrich

      sick and tired of the challenger…….really? then what’s that on your profile pic then.

      • donald seymour

        No, let me clarify what I mean. I love the Challenger. But I’m sick and tired of Dodge marketing hype concerning this car. I’m like just show the car already. This car has to be the worst kept secret of all time. My question to Dodge is why do you feel the need to hide the car? They’re not going to surprise anyone at the reveal.

        • diehard

          I pretty much agree with you. It’s all marketing stuff I guess.
          But I don’t think we know a lot of the detail of this car yet. e.g. – the car pictured above is really not a Demon.

        • Eythan Aldrich

          since they leak too many times

  • Mr. Crankypants

    This is the polar opposite of a fully autonomous electric car…

    Yet equally despicable

  • Gerald Michael

    This would be how many versions of the Dodge Challenger? Hell of a business plan they’re working on.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Well, they’ve got nothing else.

      • Tomaz Hilton

        yea just like……Porsche… who has more Versions of the 911 than Challenger….

        • Six Thousand Times

          Well, since the Challenger came out in 2009 (on an old M-B platform,) Porsche have renewed the 911 twice. A third renewal will arrive in 2019 before we see a new Challenger – if we ever do. Throw in a new Boxster/Cayman, new Panamera, New SUVs (which I hate but that’s not relevant here…)

          • Tomaz Hilton

            The Challenger IS NOT ON A MB PLATFORM! it uses key parts of a MB Platform. its a Modified LH platform which was from the start, adaptable of being FWD/AWD and RWD.

          • Six Thousand Times

            So, your argument is that the Challenger was cobbled together from old Mercedes bits and some older and crappier Chrysler bits? I suppose I can accept that.

  • Six Thousand Times

    No thanks.

  • eb110americana

    My money is on 815 HP, based on the last teaser with the performance computer gauge cluster shot.

  • Craig

    The standard Hellcat engine is phenomenal. Doesn’t FCA have ANYTHING lighter that they could stuff it into?

    • Tomaz Hilton

      Lighter doesnt not always mean better.

      • Craig

        True. But when something is so overweight – losing 500 lbs less would make a BIG difference. In a good way. Add AWD and the Hellcat would rule much of the world.

        • Six Thousand Times

          Aren’t they deleting the back seat? There’s your weight savings – no back seat and two fewer hillbillies sitting on it.

    • Leonard Burdek III

      How about a Fiat Abarth?

  • SteersUright

    I hope all the cladding and the intake on the hood are prototype pieces to test the car out and have nothing to do with the final design. Because if these design elements make it to production looking like this…
    I dont understand the appeal of a car like this. One red light race and you’re in the hospital unless you’re a drag race junkie but then, would you just want an actual purpose built drag car? Wouldnt everyone take a ZL1 1LE over something like this? Dunno, maybe Im looking at this type of car wrong because I’ve never driven a Hellcat or SRT, just the regular Hemi which was slow, cumbersome, soft, and felt like something from 20 years ago.

    • Tomaz Hilton

      many people want to Drive there Drag car…. thats the one special thing about the Hellcats. you can set it to only drive using 500hp instead of the 707. there are alot of “Track Day” cars that are so built up that you cant drive on the street either because of Design or it being illegal.

  • Tomaz Hilton

    Yall are so……. Clueless…. since when does a Company Mule (Actual Car Company) have a Non “Manufacture” Plate??? this is some bodies Challenger made to look like a Demon. the stickers are a big giveaway…… gees

    • Six Thousand Times

      It’s spelled y’all and technically the correct usage is all y’alls when it’s plural. And…you also missed “geez”

      • Tomaz Hilton

        You know your butthurt when You “correct” someone’s grammar on the internet as a form of a comeback.

        • Six Thousand Times

          It’s actually you’re and yeah, sometimes I like to (intellectually) beat up a dumb guy or two. Maybe that’s a bad thing. But look at it this way, I didn’t just insult you, I might’ve smartened you up – if only just a little. You’re welcome.

  • D

    This is crap. It’s a modified Challenger, not a Demon. The last two pictures are a different car… without the fender flares. If a manufacturer doesn’t want a car exposed fully to the public eye, then someone is not going to roll up on one randomly sitting in a Colorado parking lot… in sorry.

  • diehard

    The car shown does NOT represent the proposed Demon.
    The tires on this car are Pirellis rather then the NITTO.
    The wheels are different.
    Don’t believe the flares will be bolted on.???

    • jstsyn

      The car is probably from the Fate of the Furious movie

    • Captain Obvious

      Jeez, just read the article before you go nuts: “this prototype looks pretty much the same with the car that was leaked a little while ago, apart from the visible bolts on the wider wheel arches”. And what did you expect, Dodge testing the Demon with drag radials on the public road?

      • diehard

        This is not a test vehicle!

  • That maybe the prototype but not the production car because the production car has laser cut, welded flares front and back.

  • Leonard Burdek III

    They’re gonna put a 7.0l (426 CID) engine in it and ressurrect a legend. It’ll be really tough to tune but for the right price Don Garlits will show up at special events and do it for you!

  • Tw0n0

    Everyone’s going to be disappointed when this car is finally revealed. It’s just going to be a hellcat with a stupid body kit and drag tires. And 50 more hp on a car with already over 700hp. Dodge should have made a new car from scratch, but that would require actually work and r/d from them.

  • Vipre

    Are you serious? There are pictures of two different cars. One is a bone stock Challenger and the other is just a modified Challenger, anything but a Demon. One has a black spoiler, one a silver spoiler. They have different wheels as well. License plates are from California and Michigan. The car that you think is a Demon has a lot of buildup of soot around the entirety of the exhaust, signaling this car has been driven for quite some time. It is definitely not a Demon. This is just a Challenger with aftermarket addons. The giant “NITTO” sticker on the windshield is so obvious that this is not a Demon. You think Dodge is going to put a bunch of ugly stickers like that on the car? Especially one from a tire manufacturer that originated in Japan? This lowers the credibility of carscoops.com so much. People, please do not believe this stupid post.

  • Max Kaeser

    I live in Colorado and I saw this car fairly recently.

  • Bev Knox

    The baddest and meanest muscle car of all time?? Hahaha…that is a matter of opinion.

  • Benjamin B.

    200 pounds is not much. That’s like an obese owner having weight lose surgery. I would rather invest in that than stripping the interior. The Hellcat will be horrible to drive.

  • lagunas3ca
    • lagunas3ca

      @Vipre:disqus @tomazhilton:disqus

  • gary moss

    Just saw two of these 2 Demons in Frisco, CO this morning testing. Have photos. They had 20″ wheels, both had the wheel well flares, one had a Hellcat hood, but was probably a Demon based on all the other Demon body work. Must be doing high altitude testing as both had extensive computer equipment in them. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/132ef87ad2068ae32b3f9ff02e692f4bd2a702900cc7bfaf73504539f829a768.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/73582d5a8ea68351f9032c7e6a5da37bcb416970d6ec581b8eca47227b0a99e7.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/67ef24431a96abc371122ce875b2a6878e8306db915037a26b4b8003580f65c9.jpg

  • Bev

    I am so sick and tired of this car too

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