Elon Musk’s The Boring Company Teases An Exciting Future Of Underground Travel

The Boring Company’s tunneling machine was recently caught in the open and now the Elon Musk founded startup was released its first promotional video.

In the clip, we can see a Tesla Model S driving in the city and then pulling over to the curb to park on an elevator. The car is lowered beneath the ground and the elevator floor is revealed to be a flatbed railcar. The rail-car then travels along a pre-installed track at 124 mph (200 km/h) before reaching its destination and reemerging from the ground. The car then drives off the ramp to reach its final destination.

The idea of traveling underground at speeds up to 124 mph (200 km/h) is pretty appealing as it could significantly reduce travel times. Besides traveling faster than on traditional roads, the automated nature of rail travel would eliminate congestion and bottlenecks.

Unfortunately, a massive infrastructure project such as this wouldn’t come cheap and it’s hard to believe governments would support the idea when many have trouble keeping traditional roads in good shape.

Despite this, Elon Musk hasn’t been deterred and is drilling test tunnels under the SpaceX facility in California.


  • Kash

    I give it 10 years before Musk starts designing an entire city where every parking meter is also a charging station.

    • BGM

      50 years ago Gene Rodenberry designed a starship powered by antimatter which could go faster than light.

      • gary4205

        Easy to design things in Fantasyland, where the laws of science, physics, and economics don’t exist!

        • Status

          You live in your own fantasyland where there’s magic man who lives in the sky and can decide if you can live on a cloud or burn underground after you die. You’re in no position to tell anyone what is fantasy.

  • BlackPegasus

    Let the futurists rejoice.

    • europeon

      You mean the clueless idiots that think that having liked “I F*UCKING LOVE SCIENCE” page on Facebook replaces actual science education and qualifies them as experts?

  • Honda NSX-R


  • brn

    All I see is a big hole in the ground after the car decends.

  • MultiKdizzle

    Such a network as envisioned in the video would literally cost TRILLIONS for a large city like Los Angeles.

    • BGM

      That bit of common sense doesn’t enter into the minds of fanbois. Neither does the fact that a medium size earthquake would sooner or later reduce the whole thing to a pile of rubble. bb-but-but-but Elon Musk is a genius!! He’s going to do it! You’ll see!

  • First, Speak with Cal Tech

    One word: earthquake

    • LeftLanePrius

      Actually in Japan the subways are actually safer and have little or no damage as compared to structures above ground.

  • Tinky-Winky

    A man can dream.

  • kachuks

    Why not just integrate this system to an existing road network. Instead a spending a couple of trillion just to dig up earth.

    I also like how this video assumes there is nothing directly underneath a city, like sewers or subways.

    • europeon

      Because it’s a stupid marketing move, just like the Hyperloop.

  • Mr. Crankypants

    The world will always have visionaries but often they tend to merely extend what already exists. I see a future with far less need to transport humans as technologies will bring the world to where we are. Travel itself will be scoffed at as primitive just as we now look at wired technologies.

    • gary4205

      That’s idiotic! Humans have inherent need to travel and explore. To actually see and touch and taste.

      You can’t replace real life, and it’s exhilarating experience, with the internet.

      Mankind is already too detatched from reality as it is!

      • Status

        You mean detached from reality because they’re too infatuated with pleasing their god?

  • hughie522

    *Waits for a car lift to become available* *Waits for the car lift to slowly descend to the tunnel* *Wonders why they didn’t just build a ramp* 😛

    • Status

      Ramps take up way too much space as their footprint is larger than that of an elevator.

  • Infinite1

    Takes away from the whole driving thing to me. It’s a good plan to surpass traffic though and on the plus side, no driver error causing wrecks. Hopefully, there won’t be machine causing wrecks either.

  • gary4205

    If people would just ignore Musk, maybe, just maybe he would go away.

    This is an idiotic idea.

  • Superman

    Im a fan of this

  • Subi-Rubicon1

    This reminds me of the movie Back To The Future part 2. Where by the year 2015 we would have flying cars, and self drying jackets, self adjusting sneaker shoes and all that jazz. 2015 came and went and we are still using patrol in our nonflying cars that on average barely get 30+ MPGs. I have nothing against Elon Musk, I think that the man is brilliant, but I also think his efforts would be better spent in making his vehicle lineup a more affordable and efficient one.



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