Is This How The Next Audi RS7 Sportback Will Look?

Audi is currently in the midst of developing the all-new A7 Sportback and with it, performance-focused S7 and RS7 variants.

Although a new RS7 is at least two years away from hitting the market, Peisert Design has imagined what the vehicle will look like based on recent prototype sightings. And just as you may have expected, it is an evolutionary transformation over the existing model.

Spy shots and a leaked sketch of the new-age A7 have revealed that it will adopt a sharper design than the outgoing model. This will include pointed headlights that complement the brand’s more menacing new front grille design.

Alongside the new headlights, the most potent member of the A7 family will get enlarged air intakes and here, has been pictured with a black chrome lower lip. At the rear, the changes continue with overhauled taillights that now join together to stretch across the entire width of the high-performance sportback.

Similar oval tailpipes and largely the same rear diffuser of the current RS7 have been retained.

When the new RS7 launches, whenever that may be, we expect it to be powered by Audi’s flagship twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine with power inevitably rising to beyond 600 hp.


  • EyalN

    it’s not so hard to guess how the next audi will look like,isn’t it?
    new Mercedeses look like from a different century than new Audis

    • notthistimecobber

      Many dont want the “look at me” styling of Merc and Lexus

    • fabri99

      Yet Mercedeses all look alike as well.

  • Bo Hanan

    Hope not.

  • Ariza Ariza Mclaren 720S

    rear Volvo?

  • john1168

    I hate the tail lights but the rest looks good.

  • RS6 Performance Wagon Lover


  • no25

    what i love about the current one is the unique rear end. simple, yet aggressive. this just isn’t Audi to me…front end render is decent though

  • kennedy5097

    Looks asian instead of European. It looks like something the Japanese would make and not the Germans. I don’t think Audi has direction anymore coz non of their new models look interesting all.

  • Karl

    Another failed attempt by Audi if the new car ends up looking anything like this crap

  • nastinupe

    I’ll just hold on to mine a little longer if it ends up looking like this mess.

    • nastinupe

      I just liked my own post and didn’t even realize it. Ha ha ha, I love me.

  • nastinupe

    Close but not really.