Mercedes Has Issued 8 New Recalls In The US All At Once

Mercedes-Benz seems to prefer rolling out its recalls in the United States all at once. A few months ago it issued three. Then another three at the beginning of the year. And another four the following month. Now it’s issued a whopping eight more recalls all at the same time.

The latest round of recalls range in scope from just one vehicle to over 12,000, covering a wide array of models ranging from the C-Class and Metris to the S-Class and G-Wagen.

The largest of them affects 12,743 vehicles, all of them from the 2017 model year, over non-functional seatbelt pre-tensioners. It covers an array of C-Class models, including coupes, sedans, and cabrios, as well as the GLC crossover and an assortment of S-Class sedans ranging all the way up to the S65 AMG and Maybach S600. A separate campaign calls in 305 Metris vans over a similar issue.

10,832 examples of the G-Class (along with another 168 C-Class and GLK crossovers) are being called in for steering couplings that may have not been tightened enough. 411 E-Class models are being called in for roof spoilers that could detach, while another 15 of the same need to have their instruments checked. All of three C-Class models may have problems with improperly welded power steering motors, and one (that’s right, just one) R-Class could have its engine shut off prematurely.

All told, that comes to 24,478 vehicles in the United States, which normally might not catch our attention. But the sheer variety of it all certainly has.

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  • pcurve

    But it doesn’t affect pretensioners in 2016 model year? Hrm…

  • kachuks

    What’s worse for QC? Large scale recalls for a single issue, or smaller ones for for a wide variety of reasons.

  • Mbsuks

    Now, that’s luxury. True attention to detail.


  • Erzhik

    11,000 G-classes? Holy hell. World supply?

  • PB

    Too many models. Something has to give…

  • dtd

    I just got the 2017 C class during the weekend, and now there is a recall. It looks like MB has a recall for every model year.

  • Bash

    That’s R class owner is lucky!

  • “The best or nothing”

    • KSegg

      The best is Porsche. 😀

      • Silimarina

        Your right, Porsche doesn’t have recalls… o wait

    • Silimarina

      Is not like other brands don’t have recalls

  • W-_-T

    Sounds about right for a German luxury

    • Silimarina

      At least they are doing something, not like GM or Toyota that killed people and refused, at the beginning, to take blame and isssue a recall