MG Might Be Working On An MX-5 Rival

There was once a time when MG produced some of the most thrilling, compact sports cars on the market but now, it has nothing but an SUV and two bland small cars in its range.

However, speaking to Motoring, the head of MG Motors Australia Zhu Chao revealed that the company is thinking about launching a new sports car in the vein of the iconic MGA, MGB and MGC.

“We have the sort of understanding that MG is sporty and heritage is important and we’re really serious about that,” he said.

Quizzed about a Mazda MX-5 rival, Chao smirked and said “I cannot talk too much today about that, but we will think about it.”

When pushed, Chao said that the company’s existing platforms wouldn’t allow it to make the sports car rear-wheel drive. However, he did reveal that the Chinese-owned brand is planning a concept but failed to say when it may launch.


  • Walter Bacall

    Must be rear drive

    • Eythan Aldrich

      and manual

  • Mr. Crankypants

    As Simon Cowell would say…

    • Eythan Aldrich

      ….nope -_-

  • Rick Sanchez

    Is that actually supposed to be the car? When was that designed, 1995?

    • Bash

      The MG F and MG TF as featured in the pics was in fact in production between 1995-2005, so practically you are right.

  • Bash

    They must be, they should be, they better be, otherwise they could vanish is few years!

  • Zeb Hounslow

    Okay MG – if you’re gonna do it (and yeah, do it) then do it properly and blow everyone away.. it has to be light weight and rear wheel drive, so that it can be driven from both ends. Otherwise it will be trashed by the media and everyone else.

  • Vassilis

    I really hope they are. I loved the TF although it wasn’t exactly good to drive.

  • Chris C

    One SUV and two small cars – have you actually seen what they make/sell in China? 3 cars, two SUV’s not to mention all the Roewe models…

    What’s the average age of a two seater sports car driver – is it a niche that is dying out?

    • tom

      Yes it is, which is why MG are hesitant to make one, as the cars wont sell and wouldn’t be financially viable to do so. They don’t really have the technology to do so either. Not to mention the sports car market in China is virtually non existent. Mazda had to partner with Fiat just to make the new MX-5 and Toyota and BMW are partnering to make the new BMW Z5 and Toyota Supra meaning that companies have to partner with each other just to produce sports cars. Hot hatches like the Golf Clubsport S, Vauxhall/Opel VXR/OPC and the Honda Civic Type R is what is selling at the minute.