New Volvo V90 Cross Country Is Expensive Yet Delightful

If you’re looking for a jacked up premium family wagon these days, you have a handful of options these days in the USA. These range from the Audi A4 Allroad and the upcoming Buick Regal TourX, to the larger Volvo V90 Cross Country and Mercedes-Benz‘s E-Class All-Terrain

However, according to Kelley Blue Book’s Micah Muzio, the V90 Cross Country’s biggest rival might just be its larger sibling, the XC90, which costs only slightly more with comparable spec.

Looking at the numbers, US buyers would have to spend upwards of $55,300 for a V90 Cross Country (only available with a T6 AWD powertrain), whereas the equivalent XC90 would cost $57,350, sporting the same engine and a well-equipped Inscription interior trim.

If you go for the base XC90, while also retaining the T6 AWD powertrain, you’d end up spending roughly $3,000 less than you would on the V90 Cross Country.

Muzio also points out that the V90 CC is by no means a bad purchase, since it’s practical, spacious, well-built, surprisingly capable off-road and not bad at all on the road either.

So as long as you’re a fan of rugged wagons and wouldn’t dream of buying a non-premium product, the V90 Cross Country should definitely make your shortlist.


  • Bo Hanan


  • benT

    Well known to all that a base model from a premium range will cross price with a different range’s price leader.
    Just means that this car is clearly a great buy at that price and probably a few thousand more.
    Love my Volvo!

    • BGM

      I love this car but that price is steep, specially when the SUV version is just a bit more. Maybe I can have it second hand but I expect the SUV will always be a better value.

      • Sébastien

        Not everyone want a SUV, some prefer the better ride of a nearly regular sedan/estate

        • benT

          Yes I agree.
          I prefer the extended sedan shape – space particularly.
          There doesn’t appear to be a great deal different in function and I want the onroad, lower profile.

  • fabri99

    That’s a little…TOO expensive. Not only it isn’t cheaper than its german competitors, but a XC90 costs just a few grand more. Why? Who would buy the V90 CC when they can have the XC90? It just makes no sense.

    • Sébastien

      Volvos come standard with all safety features, that are often to be paid extra at Audi/Merc/BMW
      Eg.Pilot Assist

      • fabri99

        Good point.

  • Kendall Holback

    Great review. Love how you mad-dogged it around town and off-road! Hit the nail on the head with the price, it is not competitive with alternatives. Unfortunately when you take into consideration the ground clearance, there are not many alternatives. I might be one of the 2% that actually needs/wants the combination of a nicer/quieter road ride, extra ground clearance, and will drive it off road/in deep snow…but I do not want/need an SUV. Think nicer Subaru Outback. I own the allroad and love it, but while it’s more rugged than an A4 it still doesn’t have enough ground clearance for deep snow. The other problem with the XC90 is closed/proprietary nature of the hitch – I want a normal hitch that I can put a hitch bike rack on AND tow with. I think the tires might be a custom size Volvo did for this car as well? Maybe they will work these kinks out in the 2nd model year…but I highly doubt the price will drop.

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