Next-Generation Audi A3 Rumored To Arrive In 2019

Audi introduced the facelifted A3 last year, but new details are starting to emerge about the next-generation model.

According to Auto Express, the redesigned A3 could be previewed late next year with an evolutionary styling that brings it closer to the A4. And like you, we’re not so sure what that means, as the current A3 already looks like a smaller packaged A4, something that applies to Audi’s entire lineup these days.

A variety of different body styles will be available and rumors suggest the lineup could be expanded to include a coupe.

Little is known about the car’s interior, but it will likely adopt an assortment of familiar technologies including the company’s virtual cockpit system. Other possibilities include a WiFi hotspot, a wireless smartphone charger, and some semi-autonomous driving technology.

Underneath the skin, the A3 will ride on an updated version of the MQB platform which will also underpin the next-generation Volkswagen Golf. The platform is expected to grow in size, so backseat passengers will probably find a more accommodating cabin. Despite being slightly larger, the model could actually weigh a little bit less than its predecessor.

Engine options remain unconfirmed, but there will likely be an assortment of familiar gasoline and diesel units with updates to improve performance and fuel efficiency. Speaking of the latter, rumors suggest the company will offer an eco-friendly e-tron hybrid as well as several mild hybrids which use the company’s 48-volt electrical system.

The redesigned Audi A3 is expected to be introduced in 2019 with slightly higher prices than the current model.

Current Audi A3 sedan pictured

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  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Current Audi A3 sedan pictured
    Thanks for that. I was wondering how you managed to nip to the future to get the new pics….
    Actually, this model won’t be that far away in looks from the next.

    • Mill0048

      Yeah, this is Audi. Expect subtle refinements to design and mechanicals. And killer headlights.

      • General. Koofta

        literally killer, they blind every other soul on the road

  • Zandit75

    So, to summarize, Auto Express are still playing the guessing game with no actual proof to back up it’s claims!
    I see things haven’t changed on that site at all!

  • nastinupe

    While the A7 has been basically the same since late 2011. I know that it’s finally being revealed later this year but dang, it’s taking forever. I feel like every other car in the universe has changed since 2011. The A7 is the last one from this decade to be revised.

    • accolade

      That and the A6 and A8. But I won’t put much hope into the next gen looking better than the last.