NY Show: 2018 Honda Civic Type R Granted U.S. Entry

Honda may have the new Clarity PHEV and EV on display in New York, but the Civic Type R is the brand’s show-stealer.

Touching US soil for the first time in an official environment after it debuted in its final form at Geneva last month, the hot hatch is coming to our market and has more established Ford Focus RS in its sight.

It’s priced competitively too, at an MSRP of “mid-$30,000”, as the company said a few weeks ago, and for the money, customers will get a boy-racer aggressive styling, tweaked chassis with optimized suspension for sportier handling, and improved throttle response.

The most important upgrade revolves around its 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder lump, which has been massaged to deliver 316 horsepower and 295 pound-feet (400 Nm) of torque to the front wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox that has a rev-matching function.

Honda are expected to release all details surrounding the new Civic Type R for the North American market, including pricing, options, performance and possible sporty packages, over the next few weeks, as sales are starting in late spring.


  • Blade t

    If it came with AWD and the styling was easier on the eyes ,this R would be great….

    • therealsybarite

      if that’s what you want there’s already a car out there for you. made by vw.

      • Blade t

        ill pass on vw

        • therealsybarite

          you don’t know what you want then. got it.

          • Blade t

            Thank you for your concern

    • eb110americana

      Yeah, if it came as a sedan without the boy-racer, designed by a 12 year-old bits, it would be a lot more desirable. Even Acura could offer something with this powertrain, and it should satisfy the kind of people actually willing to drop $35K+ on a 4-cylinder FWD compact.

  • JGreen

    Need to see how it handles in autocross!

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