This Range Rover’s $3.9k Extended Warranty Has Paid For $15k In Repairs

It is no secret to anyone with knowledge of the automotive industry that vehicles from Land Rover are known for having reliability issues, hence why they’re consistently rated among the market’s least reliable cars.

Consequently, it’s often a very good idea to purchase vehicles from the British automaker, particularly Range Rovers, with extended warranties whenever available. Let Doug DeMuro explain below.

In the video, DeMuro reveals that he purchased a used Range Rover from CarMax about four and a half years ago and coughed up $3,900 for an extended, 6-year warranty. While that seems like a lot, it has paid for itself multiple times over.

In fact, DeMuro’s Range Rover has had so many issues that CarMax has paid out over $15,000 in warranty repairs, a figure significantly more than what the car is even worth.

Sure, extended warranties are often just a way for new and used car dealers to make money. However, they can also prove incredibly useful, particularly if your car is prone to as many issues as a Range Rover.


  • BlackPegasus

    Sure, it paid for itself many times over but is it worth the headache?

    • pcurve

      Yeah, I would rather pay $3500 in warranty not have any issue.

  • salamOOn

    well, this is actually a bad thing….

  • T_Cake

    I’ve often wondered how they managed to keep brand appeal positive, sales figures up, and demand high prices when they were notoriously unreliable for so long. For example, what would the total repair cost be on this vehicle versus a Land Cruiser of the same year? I just don’t get it.

    • Arminius JP

      The top end Range Rovers seem to appeal to the wealthy who, clearly, provide the initial demand and I assume they replace them after a year or two so miss the bulk of the problems. Why these vehicles appeal to the used market is less obvious.

    • pcurve

      Land Cruiser… probably $0. Google “Why land cruiser is so expensive” and click on kinja article.

      • T_Cake

        Will do. I’m always open to a new perspective.

    • Random stranger

      This is the power of marketing my friend..

    • OZ

      Range Rover buyers do not care about reliability. They just get a new one.

  • Arminius JP

    Informative video, capable of much improvement with a less irritating voice-over. Carmax seem very good at honouring their contractual commitments.

  • mick

    I love rovers. Ive owned several. They are horribly unreliable, no doubt, but i bond with those cars unlike any others. Ive gotten to the point where between the help of forums and wide parts availability i can fix most stuff on my own. What i cannot fix, i take to tbe mechanic but that has thankfully only happened a couple of times.

  • wait a minute

    As he mentioned now there are alot of 2017 parts on it, possibly making the car better than when he bought it.

  • ╭∩╮(Ο_Ο)╭∩╮

    Made in what country? LOL