U Spy Ford Testing A Trio Of 2018 Mustang 4-Cyl EcoBoosts In Colorado

When Ford debuted the facelifted 2018 Mustang earlier this year, it failed to provide any photos of the entry-level EcoBoost model and now we know why, the car is still being developed.

Recently, three Ford Mustang prototypes were snapped in the midst of testing in Colorado and while only two have been adorned in the fresh skin of the 2018 model, all are alleged to have been installed with the 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. Compared to the GT V8, they’re missing the grille fangs and have two instead of four exhaust pipes.

Ford has yet to fully detail the EcoBoost-equipped 2018 Mustang but we already know that the 3.7-liter V6 has been removed from the range and the four-cylinder turbo outfitted with a 10-speed automatic transmission option.

The Blue Oval’s official word on the 2018 model is that it delivers more torque than the outgoing four-cylinder, meaning a touch over 320 lb-ft is on the cards. In terms of horsepower, there’s a strong possibility it will also get a slight nudge upwards over the current 310 hp figure.

From the prototypes spied, one of the 2018 models was a fastback and the other was a convertible. A pre-facelifted Mustang convertible was also being tested.

Ford says the 2018 Mustang will launch across North America this fall meaning we can expect further details about the pony car, including the EcoBoost variant, in the not too distant future.

Hat tip to Brett Borgard for the photos!


  • Mill0048

    I keep hoping they put the Focus RS tune on the EcoBoost model, or offer it as an upgraded trim. Like an Mustang EcoBoost RS.

    • Michael Harris

      You obviously don’t do any home work/research. There’s been a Ford Racing, warrantied tune for over a year for the mustang ecoboost. It’s not quite the sane engine as the RS, it has different internals and a different turbo charger. The Ford tune takes it to 335-340 hp/385-390 tq… 0-60 drops to 5 flat for the automatic and 5.2 for the sticks. I sell Fords and have been close friends with my parts Mgr a long time. He has a 2015 Ecoboost with the Ford tune. Don’t get an aftermarket tune and crank the boost up past 22-23 psi. Lots of people have turned it up over max rated boost for the tiny turbo, which is 26.5psi. Guts have turned it up to 27 psi and blown their engines. For some reason, the Ecoboost engine is more expensive than the V8, at $7000 for a new one.

  • SteersUright

    4cyl + Mustang = Wrong.
    Make the V8 a hybrid or something like a cheap American Porsche 918. I dunno, anything, but 4cyl noises and Mustang do not mate well.

    • baofe

      What are you even talking about?
      If you want a v8 get the v8. The 4cyl is obviously not for you.

      • SteersUright

        Riiiiiight, because the character of certain cars has nothing to do with the engine associated with them…
        Im not saying you shouldn’t get a 4cyl with every car you buy, Im just saying it isn’t in keeping with the Mustang character. Cars like the Mustang aren’t packaged well enough to be called practical. They’re products of passion, inspiring design, emotion, and visceral experience. A 4cyl is perfect for cars like a Golf, Mazda3, etc., but I repeat, not for a Mustang (nor Camaro, Corvette, or any other “muscle” type of car).

  • Michael Harris

    The 2018 Ecoboost will get the tune upgrade as standard. And, paired with the new 10 spd auto, will be considerably quicker & faster than the current car. And, for the first time ever, the Mustang V8 GT, could crack 3.9 sec 0-60 times and run in the upper 12’s at about 114-115 mph in the 1/4, which would make it the quickest and fastest Mustang GT ever. The new 10 spd auto is in the new Ecoboost twinturbo Raptor and ZL1. It will be in the entire mustang line up. FYI: The Ecoboost 4 cylinder models are single turbo, to those that don’t know. Only the Ecoboost V6 3.5 and 2.7 are twin turbo…

  • Michael Harris

    In nice cold air, with sealevel DA, the new 18′ Ecoboost with its new power and 10 spd could crack the 4.9 sec 0-60 mph barrier, and run mid 13’s at 105 mph in the 1/4, stock.

  • Carmaker1

    Ford has been in the midst of settling on a final design direction for the S650 Mustang, but I would foolish to assume this is related to that in any way. Production of the 2018 models begins in June, for August release. S650 design freeze is in several months, in order to be ready for Q2 2020 Job #1.

  • dolsh

    The last two pictures capture the 2018’s ugly angle – if they caught the front of the car. Rear 3/4 with a view of the headlights…sad mustang doesn’t look to bad from the front, but seeing the front of the car from the rear quarter would be frustrating every time you walk up to the car. So Droopy.