Tesla Model 3 Interior Takes Minimalism To The Extreme

A near-production spec Tesla Model 3 has been snapped during testing in California and interior images reveal that the cabin will be essentially identical to last year’s concept.

When the electric automaker provided the world with its first look at the Model 3 in 2016, the interior seemed a bit too simple and minimalistic to be put into production but evidently, these images confirm that the brand’s entry-level model has very few visual differences but will get a three-spoke wheel instead of the concept’s two-spoke design.

As previous pictures have shown, the interior is dominated by a large touchscreen appearing to float in front of the dashboard. The car makes do without any kind of gauge cluster with all important information, including vehicle speed, being displayed on the screen. There are also no apparent physical buttons on the center console and only a large cubby hole and two cup holders.

The three-spoke steering wheel is also very minimalist while there are also no visible air vents, confirming previous reports that the vehicle will send air through thin slits in the dashboard.

Tesla says it will commence production of the Model 3 in July but the first units will be delivered to employees and not the general public. This will allow the company to iron out any faults it may find in the first batch of production models.

Images courtesy of Thomas Preisler/Facebook


  • pcurve

    I take it air blows out of that LCD too?

    • Robert Fahey

      There’s a continuous opening across the dash.

      • ChrisInIL

        ….powered by the hot air of Elon Musk. (sorry – not really a Musk hater. That one was too obvious to pass up).

  • Nordschleife

    For those that complain about not having a separate speedometer maybe Elon can create an app that can use a phone accelerometer to make a make shift speedometer with an adjustable mount in front of the steering wheel.

    Just remember people you heard it here first.

    • eb110americana

      I’d be okay with a HUD.

    • Axiom Ethos

      Or I’ll just go and fork the money up for a NAVDY HUD and call it a day.

  • Mark S

    I wish Tesla the best, but there are better cars coming.

    • Axiom Ethos

      I don’t see anything at that price-point and performance on the horizon. Going to be atleast a another 3 years or so before I see any real competition, much less better priced and performing ones.

      • Shobin Drogan

        Most of their customers at this range are unlikely shopping for performance. As for Interior quality a civic looks more premium than this on the inside. It will probably be a big hit for starting the electric car trend at the lower segments, but it really looks like a first gen product inside and out.

  • Dennis Scipio

    Where’s the gear shifter located at, Is it like the Model S next to the steering wheel?

    • LeftLanePrius

      It’ll use Siri?

  • f1300

    Dear Carscoops, there is quite a difference between minimalistic design and complete absence of design. As for Tesla, it is the latter…

  • Marty

    “Minimalism”? Wait, am I the only one who can see the hideous touch screen protruding from the dashboard like it was mounted on a cheap after market holder?

    Cramming everything into the same place doesn’t make minimalism. It makes bad ergonomics.

    It’s been done before, just with physical instruments. This example is even better integrated designwise, which says a lot:


  • GobbleUp

    I have a model S and love it, but this car is ugly like a BMW hatchback, and makes a Kia look upmarket inside.

  • TheHake

    I really hope they reconsider this interior… It’s a move backwards to have to look at navi, map and speed on the centre console.

    • Matt

      While theres no gauge cluster, wont it have a hud?

  • Matthijs

    I love everything about that interior except that huge screen… and hopefully the quality is a lot better cause the interior of the S and X are dreadful for that price.

  • Knotmyrealname

    I know I’m being picky, but I hope they sort out the reflections from the shiny ‘A’ pillar trim.

  • Bash

    I like it, I hope owners doesn’t get bored quickly though!!
    see, there is a very thin line between minimalist and boring IMO, besides -to me- i think that no matter what you drive, big car, small car, huge, fancy, simple,… psychologically you get used to it pretty much quickly and it starts to appeal less interesting and more boring, even if it was -say- your dream car!

  • Tinky-Winky

    It’s still only pre-production model but I hope they even out the panel gaps.

    • TheHake

      And that window that doesn’t open all the way…

      • disqus_ojcAl0fMi7

        Looks like it’s just not all the way down on the passenger side…don’t see the tip on the driver’s side.

        • TheHake

          Possibly… I was kinda saying it tongue-in-cheek…

  • jfalckt

    This interior looks great, hopefully a sign of things to come. I’m sure it will be refined further before final production.
    Interiors of cars have got increasingly fussy so this is refreshingly simple.

  • Dennis James

    If you take out the LCD, it’s back to 1930 for Tesla 🙂

    I don’t think they are keeping that huge LCD in there, to be honest. That interior is just too ugly for any standard, even Tesla worshipers can’t be fooled.

  • Nope

    Is there a HUD? Because I don’t see any projectors. This will be a usability nightmare without a HUD.

    Even if it did have a HUD, that iPad thing would still look like an afterthought. As though they designed the dash first, then realised that they would need a screen.

  • pureworx

    not sure whats more bland..this or a vw

  • BlackPegasus

    How completely unimaginative can you get? Really Tesla?

  • TheHake

    Elon Musk be like: Fork brew, we forgot to put a speedo in the jaloppie!

  • Cobrajet
    • jfalckt

      haha yes that’s true! Although your face would be re-arranged in a low speed collision

  • Infinite1

    Really not feeling the interior with the lack of speedo and whatnot

  • Shtekeris

    That doesn’t look that great. I prefer at least some sort of personality and design, this seems like an empty interior with wheel and screen. Newest Volvos has great clean simple interior.

  • Trackhacker

    The next Fridge coming to you soon! Honestly…these cars look like appliances haha

  • Blanka Li

    Looking off to the side for speed, fuel, rpm info is a distraction and dangerous. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Is there an HUD?

  • KidRed

    Interior is plain, empty and bland
    Huge iPad just floating is an accident waiting to happen
    Huge iPad should be at least angled towards the driver for better hand eye coordination
    I don’t like taking eyes off the road straight ahead and forcing them to look right constantly
    Body is bloated, squished Model X, should’ve been small, sexy Model S

  • TrevP

    There are air vents right? lol

  • Karl

    Very disappointing to look at! I was hoping for a more progressive and innovative design. It really looks generic.. I like Tesla but they must step up the design both inside and outside..

  • john1168

    It looks to be of good quality but I really don’t like this. Definitely NOT a drivers car…

  • Benjamin B.

    Drinks in a preproduction car??!!

  • An Existing Person

    Minimalistic design? That is a lack of design as a whole. It’s unimaginative, bland, and straight up cheap looking.

  • Bob White

    Looks like a cheap kit car. Hope this isn’t it.

    That fake wood laminate belongs in a different decade.

  • javier

    meh if it has hud then maybe but looking to the right for vital stuff , is that even legal. I’m all for minimalism but function first, not looking really good

  • Auto

    Will it still have bad fit and finish like the Teslas on sale now?

  • Enter Ranting

    Tesla needs to hire some real designers. This looks like a poorly-assembled kit car. It goes without saying that the interior is a total miss.

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